SHRM Officers

Jen Morgan - President

Jen Morgan “I have thoroughly enjoyed being the President of SHRM and seeing how much a dedicated executive board can accomplish in only 1 year! The behind-the-scenes work that needs to be done is extensive, but when everyone is clear on their responsibilities and agrees to get them done, the team that evolves can accomplish anything. I am proud of the events that we have hosted, the documentation that we have kept for future executive boards, and our office space, but above all, I am proud of the team that has formed and the friendships that have developed. After everything that I have learned from SHRM, I am convinced that if you explore SHRM, you will discover ways in which it can benefit you personally.”

Interim Vice President - Amanda Hovatter

Amanda Hovatter"Becoming a member of SHRM has been a wonderful experience and one that I cherish. This opportunity has helped me gain knowledge in the HR field and prepare me for my career. I feel SHRM is a valuable organization to be a part of on campus and one that I am truly happy I joined."


Jessica Anderson - Treasurer

Jessica Anderson“This was my first year as a member of SHRM, and I have learned so much from being a part of the executive board here at SIUE. Through our hard work on semester newsletters and bulletin boards on campus, we have attracted many new students to our organization. I feel that I have gained experience and knowledge into what it really means to have a career in Human Resources. SHRM has definitely prepared me to go out into the real-world and start my career in HR.”

Victoria Harris - Secretary

Victoria Harris"Being my first time as an executive board member, SHRM has given me the opportunity to know that you can’t be an individual in a group, but must be a team player. I have enjoyed working with the young ladies because they put in much effort to get their share of the work done. I am glad that I had an experience like this because I know that if I could hold as many responsibilities as I did, anyone can do it. Thanks to the executive board, 2005-2006."