SHRM will:

  1. Build a broad and actively engaged membership that ensures dissemination of leading practices to the organization.
  2. Be the primary influencers of workplace policies and practices that benefit our members and the organization we serve.
  3. Be the major source for building strong competencies and developing the talent and leading practices to the workers.


  1. To build respect, credibility, and strategic importance for the HR profession within our organization and the business community.
  2. To assist the organization we serve in achieving their objectives and goals.
  3. To encourage professional decision-making and responsibility


  1. To provide a vehicle for students which will enable them to develop and use management/leadership skills
  2. Be a forum for professional development and career networking
  3. To lay a foundation that will allow the organization to grow and prosper in future years
  4. To expand our horizons and become more integrated into the SIUE mainstream
  5. To educate the University populace and the general public on specific and general Human Resource Management issues so that they recognize and manage human energies including their own more effectively
  6. To enrich and support the university's mission
  7. To better serve and support the goals of our sponsoring chapter, the Human Resource Management Association of St. Louis
  8. To improve (or at a minimum maintain) our ranking as one of the top student chapter nationally and as the most consistent and best of St. Louis are student chapter.

Constitution & Bylaws

Article I: Name

Section 1:
Name: The name of this organization shall be the SIUE Chapter of Society for Human Resource Management, hereinafter to as, SHRM.

Section 2:
National Affiliation: the SIUE Chapter of Society for Human Resource Management hereinafter referred to as the Chapter, shall seek affliction the Human Resource Management Association, hereinafter to as, HRMA.

Article II: Objectives

  1. To provide Southern Illinois University Edwardsville students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the effective management of personnel in the field of Human Resource Management through affiliation with the SIUE Chapter of SHRM and the national SHRM organization.
  2. To promote the exchange of work related experience of established business professional with theoretical academic perspectives of student and faculty members through open forums and information exchanges.
  3. To encourage the acquisition, growth and continuation of our respective careers in Human Resource Management through expanded knowledge, respect, and mutual support among chapter members and through our affiliation with national, sponsoring and other student chapters.

Article III: Membership

  1. Applications for membership shall be made through the chapter
  2. Annual dues shall become payable upon joining the chapter
  3. Students who are members of the chapter and who pay annual dues to SHRM shall be designated as members of SHRM
  4. To achieve these purposes, there shall be no discrimination in individual membership or chapter affiliation because of race, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, or national origin, physical or mental handicap or any other factors covered by law.

Article IV: Meetings

  1. Notice of time and place of each meeting shall not be less than seven (7) days before each chapter meeting
  2. Fifty percent plus one (50% + 1) of voting members at any meeting shall constitute a quorum. Such quorum may, by majority vote of the members present, transact any business which may properly be brought before the meeting, except as otherwise indicated in these bylaws. A meeting may be adjourned or recessed by majority vote of the members present.
  3. At all meeting of the chapter, the President, or if absent Vice-President shall preside as chairperson. In the absence of said officers, the Chairperson shall be elected by a majority of the members present.
  4. Every regular student member of the Chapter in good standing shall be entitled to one vote on any matter of the Chapter's business to be acted upon by vote of the membership.

Article V: Executive Council

  1. Management of the Chapter practices, procedures, and activities shall be vested in the Executive Council, which will consist of officers elected from this student organization.
  2. The officers of the chapter shall be:
    • President - Shall preside at all meetings of this chapter shall act as chairperson of the Executive Council and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee. The president shall generate and update the chapter's mission statement and annual goals and objectives. The president shall appoint chairpersons for standing and temporary committees, and shall administer the business of this chapter between regular meetings, exercising authority consistent with the powers given in the Bylaws.
    • Vice-President - The vice president shall perform the duties of the president in the event of an absence, disability, or at the request of the president. If the office of the president becomes vacant, the vice president shall act as president until elections come around. Shall also be responsible for coordinating the semester calendar of events for the chapter. Vice president oversees the director of chapter information systems, the director of communication, and the director of merit awards.
    • Secretary - Shall take minutes of meetings, distribute meeting agenda, and previous meeting minutes, circulate sign in and sign up sheets at the meetings, and make copies available at relevant announcements, scholarship, forms, and other materials of distribution at the meetings. Secretary shall also distribute all of the above. Secratary also helps in overseeing the director of chapter information systems, the director of communication, and the director of merit awards.
    • Treasurer - The treasurer has the responsibility of gathering distributing and managing the chapter's funds. Sound chapter operations require teh establishment of and adherence to realistic budgets. All officers should be aware of funds budgeted for teh chapter's activities prior to planning for the year.
    • Chapter Information Systems - Shall develop, maintain and regularly update the chapter's website, listserv, and membership database.
    • Communications - Shall update chapter bulletin boards, post flyers, and contact interested student organizations to advertise upcoming events, submit articles publicizing chapter events to media outlets, and generate a chapter newsletter each month.
    • Public Relations - Shall contact and coordinate speakers for chapter meetings. Shall identify speakers on various topics of interest to the chapter members, formally invite them to present, and send a confirmation letter with the time, date, topic, and directions to the campus. Shall host, schedule audiovisuals and provide technical assistance as needed the day the speaker presents, and send thank you letters after the visit.
    • New Membership - Shall welcome new and help retain existing members, recruit from HR classes, provide forms for joining national SHRM, assist and mentor students in ways that enrich their chapter membership experience.
  3. All officers must be enrolled in SIUE for their term in office.

Article VI: Advisers

  1. The Faculty adviser will provide assistance and Counsel to the Chapter, and help to provide continuity to the professional organization. He/She will also be involved in the general chapter activities and meeting. He/She shall also act as Fiscal officer for the organization. This person will be approved annually.
  2. If the faculty adviser position becomes vacant, the general membership of this Chapter will nominate a professor of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Human Resource Departent. An offer to fill the vacant position will then be presented to the professor for acceptence. The acceptance must be completely voluntary. Any adviser must be a member of national SHRM. The advisery position must be filled by at least one faculty adviser.

Article VII: Officer Elections

  1. Elections for all positions shall be held annually (in April). Elections shall be held no later than four weeks before the end of the Spring semester. Student officers, who wish to continue their current position and run for a second and possibly third term, with the adviser's approval. Elections will be conducted through private ballot. The faculty adviser and at least one graduating senior will count the votes.
  2. If needed the president shall fill a sudden vacancy on the Executive Council by appointing a temporary replacement. The matter shall then be brought to the general attention of the general chapter. The chapter will nominate and elect a fellow chapter member for the vacant position. In the case of more than one candidate for a position, whoever captures the majority of votes is elected.
  3. In the event that membership becomes dramatically low and the electoral process becomes inneffective, the faculty adviser may interview the remaining members of this general chapter and appoint them to positions stated in these Bylaws in which the individual will then represent this student chapter accordingly.

Article VIII: Finances

In the event that a financial burden is placed on this Chapter, establishment of a dues paying policy may be proposed and voted on by the Executive Council. Faculty Adviser must complete review of this matter before the decision can become part of the Chapter's policy and Bylaws.

Article IX: Parliamentary Procedure

Robert's Rules of Order shall govern all parliamentary procedures unless otherwise specified.

Article X: Impeachment

Any officer or representative may be removed from office by a majority vote of the members, for poor attendance at meetings, failure to perform required/requested duties, or failure to follow school rules or class rules. Impeachment must first be initiated and voted upon by the student council offices, if a majority of officers vote to continue the impeachment process the impeachment is added to the next general meeting's agenda and voted upon by the society for Human Resource Managent members.

Article XI: Expulsion

Any Member who fails to attend more than five meetings or eents will have their membership terminated from the local chapter.

Article XII: Amendments

The Bylaws of this chapter may be amended, at any time, by the deciding vote of the general membership. That is, two thirds of the chapter must agree to any policy change. The officers of the Executive committees shall be responsible for notifying all members of an upcoming amendment proposal and vote. The membership shall be notified at least two weeks prior to any amendment-voting meeting. The faculty adviser(s) will be required to attend and supervise any/all of these meetings.