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. The ASME Student Section at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville placed first in the 2004 Student Design Contest held at the Regional Student Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska on March 11th-13th. SIUE competed against ten teams from other Region VII universities for first place in the design competition. For several months leading up to the competition, SIUE students worked diligently on a radio-controlled robot to take to Lincoln. The competition, nicknamed “Mine Madness,” involved building a device that could traverse a field containing obstacles and acquire landmines (simulated by cylindrical objects of varying dimensions), transporting them safely across the field to a disposal area. Size and power restrictions were specified by the contest rules. The device could be no larger than 30cm x 30cm x 30cm, and had to use ordinary batteries. The mines are given point values that are awarded to the team once their vehicle deposits the mines into the disposal area. Each team had a three-minute time limit to dispose of as many of the six mines as they could. SIUE was the highest scoring team and took home the trophy. The student chapter at SIUE relies on fund-raising and donations to keep its Design Team going. SIUE’s Mechanical Engineering Department, the ASME St. Louis Section, and various other sponsors have been generous and supportive of the team’s effort. Chad Burns, ME Senior and Design Team Captain, says “This project offers engineering students a chance to apply their education to ‘real-life’ applications. Of course, it’s a lot of fun too.” The team is looking forward to the National Championship which will be held in Anaheim, California this November. The SIUE team plans on upgrading the Rover for its next challenge.

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