• Our Crest:

  • Our Motto:

    "Union Hand In Hand"

  • Our Mascot:

  • Our Flowers:

    Lily-of-the-Valley, Forget-Me-Not, Ivy

  • Our Philanthrophy:

    Cardiac Care and Research

  • Social:

    Phi-Esta Bowl, Formal, Informal, Ebony and Ivory Step Show, Mixers, Barn Dance, Sisterhood Events, Serenading, Tuck-Ins, Powder Puff, Sister Date

    • Phi-Esta Bowl--Each year we host a 7-on-7 flag football tournament. There is also a kick-off party/dance. We hold this event to raise money for our philanthrophy.
    • Formal--This is a dance held in the Spring for all Alpha Phis and their dates.
    • Informal--This dance is a little less formal than Formal, and is held in the fall for all Alpha Phis and their dates.
    • Ebony and Ivory All-Greek Stepshow--This is a fun event held by the greek organizations as a unity event. Greek chapters work hard to put together and present a dance show (called a step-show, like stomp-dancing).
    • Mixers--Mixers are held with all the fraternities throughout the year. We usually do a fun activity (past activities have been bowling, bonfires, capture the flag, football, BBQ's, 80's party, and karaoke), and just hang out with the guys.
    • Barn Dance--This is exactly what is sounds like: it is a very casual dance in a barn. It's always a good time!
    • Sisterhood Events--These are for Alpha Phi girls only, and we do an activity together to promote sisterhood. Past activities have been: scrapbook parties, painting pottery at "Arts On Fire", and BINGO.
    • Tuck-Ins--This event is where we go and "tuck-in" all the fraternities. We usually bring them food, and read them a story. We also pick a "sweatheart' from every fraternity to sign our book.
    • Powder Puff--This is a football game we have against the Alpha Sigma Tau's (another sorority on campus). We are proud to say that the A-Phis have a winning streak going!
    • Sister Date--This is an event for Alpha Phis and their dates. The A-Phi girls all bring a date and we have a fun activity together.
    • Communtiy Service--We do at least one community service event a semester. Past community service events have involved us playing Bingo with people in the nursing home, and helping out at a homeless shelter.
    • Alumni Brunch--This is held yearly for our alumni. We get together with them, and get to know our past members. It's always nice to show them how awesome our chapter still is!
    • Parent's Day--This is a luncheon we have with our parents so that they can see how awesome A-Phi is and what it means to us to be in it. It's our chance to show our parents how much A-Phi means to us!

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