Lesson Organizers


Lesson organizers are a type of graphic organizer that has been designed and research has proven to be successful with and for students. A lesson organizer, also known as an advance organizer, provides a visual depiction of the information as itís explained. Although it may appear to be a lesson plan, it is actually meant to be used for the student to enhance understanding and facilitate independence. A lesson organizer is part of numerous instructional strategies taught in the Institute to Credential Special Learning Needs Resource Specialists.For more information on the Institute, or if you have questions about lesson organizers, email Sarah Goldammer at sgoldam@siue.edu. For online training on advance lesson organizers, a one-hour webinar is available through the Illinois Community College Board iLEARN site. Email sipdctrainer@gmail.com for access to this and other online training.


Ordering a Salad

Hazards to food

Savings account

Problem Solving

Machining processes


Adding fractions

Algebraic expressions

Converting fractions to decimals

Equivalent fractions

Long division

Order of operations

Savings account

Word problems

Subtracting like radicals

Simplifying the square root radical

Creating an organizer – Identify a topic

Simple present tense

Supporting details


Main Idea

Reading Comprehension

Earth’s crust

Hazards to food

Newton’s laws

Scientific Method

Constitution exam prep – Flag etiquette

Note taking

Overcoming test anxiety

Study skills

Testing Strategies

Application process - Enrolling in college

Complete assessment day activities

Goal setting


Problem Solving

5 paragraph essay

Planning the narrative essay


Simple present tense verbs

Supporting details

Topic sentence

Extended Response

Basic Writing--Capitalization