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Adult Education Lessons with Ideas for Home Instruction with Children   

Educational AND Parental Success – Combining Adult Education Lessons with Ideas for Home Instruction with Children

Although our students may express they come to adult education classes to be able to pass a high school equivalency or to speak better English, we want to help them also learn and grow as a person, a citizen, and a parent (if applicable).

By combining learning in our classrooms with activities to share with children at home, we can maximize our efficiency AND increase our results!

Benefits of combining instruction are:

                    Empower the student with knowledge and acquisition of new skills

Increase the confidence level of the student in the classroom and as a parent

Enable students to see themselves as capable teachers of their children

Cultivate creativity, discipline, innovation, and teamwork

Provide ideas for parents and children to bond, have fun, and learn together

Reinforce knowledge learned in the classroom by following up in the home


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Colleen Potter at or Sarah Goldammer at or call (618) 650-2254.

Cancer Education
    Instructor Notes

2.Good Dental Health
    Instructor Notes
    Family Education Notes

3. Healthy Heart
    Instructor Notes
    Home Visit Notes 

4. Lifestyles of the Fit and Healthy
    Instructor Notes
    Home Visit Notes

5. Math Manipulatives
    Instructors Notes

6. Personal Hygiene
    Instructor Notes
    Home Visit Notes

7. Positive Mental Health
    Instructor Notes
    Home Visit Notes

8. Safety
    Instructor Notes
    Home Visit Notes

9. Shoot for the Stars
    Instructor Notes
    Home Visit Notes

10. Spiders
    Instructor Notes
    Home Visit Notes

11. U.S. Constitution
    Teacher's Guidebook 
    Home Visit Notes  

12. Wise about Weather
    Instructor Notes
    Home Visit Notes



Lesson Plan # 1 Elvis Teddy Bear
Lesson Plan # 2 Wrap a Gift
Lesson Plan # 3 Write a Poem
Lesson Plan # 4 Reading + Vocabulary Sale Ads
Lesson Plan # 5 Giving Directions
Lesson Plan # 6 Severe Weather
Lesson Plan # 7 Dream Kitchen
Lesson Plan # 8 What's My Story?
Lesson Plan #9 Nutrition & Label Reading


Lesson Plan # 1 I can be Whomever I Wish
Lesson Plan # 2 My Birthday Connection
Lesson Plan # 3 Special Candy Game
Lesson Plan # 4 What do your Feelings Weigh?
Lesson Plan # 5 Conflict Resolution
Lesson Plan # 6 Define Positive Role Models
Lesson Plan # 7

STUFF Can - Situations That Undermine Feeling Fantastic


Lesson Plan # 1 Using Manipulatives to Teach Fractions
Lesson Plan # 2 Probability
Lesson Plan # 3 Using Bar Graphs to Understand Patterns
Lesson Plan # 4 Deal or No Deal
Lesson Plan # 5 Make 15
Lesson Plan # 6 Integer War Games
Lesson Plan # 7 How Much Is A Gallon
Lesson Plan # 8 Math Is In The Cards
Lesson Plan # 9 Touch Math
Lesson Plan # 10 Graphs
Lesson Plan #11 Using M&Ms to Teach Bar Graphs
Lesson Plan #12 Size vs. Volume
Lesson Plan #13 Recognizing Fractions


Lesson Plan # 1 Three Little Pigs:  Human, Natural and Capital Resources
Lesson Plan # 2 What's the Story?
Lesson Plan # 3 Reading for Tone and Inference
Lesson Plan # 4 Building Vocabulary Quadrant Charts
Lesson Plan # 5 Poe's Poetry and Prosody (reading fluency)
Lesson Plan # 6 Close Encounters of the Word Kind
Lesson Plan # 7 Vocabulary Development-Word Tiers
Lesson Plan # 8 Vocabulary Development and Writing
Similarities and Differences: Depth and Breadth of Meaning
Lesson Plan # 9 Inferences
Lesson Plan # 10 Chunking
Lesson Plan #11 Reading and Writing: Using Newspapers
Lesson Plan #12 Collaborative Reading Using UNO Cards

Family Literacy

Lesson Plan # 1 I am Special Book
Lesson Plan # 2 Not-to-Worry Dolls
Lesson Plan # 3 Which Food doesn't Belong?
-Pictures for Which Food
Lesson Plan #  4 Four Fold Family

Family Education Thematic Units:

Personal Hygiene Unit

Lesson Plans # 1-21 GED/ABE
Lesson Plans # 1-18 Home Visits

Building Bridges Unit

Lesson Plans # 1-19 GED/ABE
Lesson Plans # 1-7 Home Visits  


Lesson Plan # 1 Bernoulli Principle
Lesson Plan # 2 Cartesian Diver
Lesson Plan # 3  
Lesson Plan # 4 Oil Well That Ends Well

Social Studies

Lesson Plan # 1 Learning the Value of Rules
Lesson Plan # 2 One Vote
Lesson Plan # 3 Powers of Government
Lesson Plan # 4 Branches of Government
Lesson Plan # 5 American Revolution


Lesson Plan # 1 Workskills: Communication
Lesson Plan # 2 Career Development
Lesson Plan # 3 Workskills: Teamwork (Geese)
Lesson Plan # 4 Workskills: Teamwork (Landmines)
Lesson Plan #5 Following Instructions
Lesson Plan #6 Reply to a Job Ad


Lesson Plan # 1 Writing a Poem
Lesson Plan # 2 Listening & Punctuation & Grammar, Oh My! 
Lesson Plan # 3
Lesson Plan # 4 Strip Teasers: A Collaborative Writing Activity
Lesson Plan # 5 Writing Tips: One, Two, Three, You're OUT!
Lesson Plan # 6 Magic Pencil Story Starters



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