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Role Playing
Whole Language in Urban Classrooms
The Case for the Constructive Classrooms
Planning Integrated Curriculum
Taming the Paper Tiger
200 Ways of using Imagery in the Classroom
Fastback 345
Professional Learning Community at Work
Changing Approaches to Studying Adult Education
Fast Back
A Handbook of Verbal Group Exercises
Teachers Take Charge of Their Learning
The Double Helix of Education & the Economy
Mastering The Teaching Of Adults
Discipline with Dignity
Beyond Discipline
Improving Teaching
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
Multiple Intelligences
Reading Compression Instruction
Promoting Reading in Developing Countries
A Question of Competence
Research in the Classroom
The Learning Industry
Enhancing the Profession
Essay on the Intellect
The Human Side of School Change
Instructional Telecommunications

Understanding by Design 
Research that Informs Teachers and Teacher Educators
Creating Practical Knowledge Thro Action Research: Posing Prob, Solving Prob, and Improving DailyPractice
Freedom Road
Reach for the Stars
The Having of Wonderful Ideas
In Our Fifties
The Power of Questions
A guide for the Teacher Researcher
Action Research for Teachers
Teachers are Researchers
Enhancing Professional Practice
. Teacher's Manual for Books  1-4
. Challenger- Teacher's Manual for Books  8
. Challenger- 1
. Challenger- 2
. Challenger- 3
. Challenger- 4
. Challenger- 5
Hooked On Books: Program & Proof
Teaching with Feeling
Higher Education in a Learning Society
Toward a More Perfect Union
How to Respond to Your Culturally Diverse Student Population
The Making of an Adult Educator
Goal Analysis
understanding PIAGET-An Introduction to Children's Cognitive Development
Global Education
Passage-Predictable Crisis of Adult Life
The Dewey School
Stress Management for Teachers and Parents
Low Income Youth in Urban Areas
In Defense Of Good Teaching
Papa My Father
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Understanding Learning The How, The Why, The What
Reading Without Nonsense
Africa Counts
Effective Reading Strategies- Teaching Children who Find Reading Difficult
Benjamin: Reading and Beyond
Read With Me
What Children Read in School
The Journal Of The Imagination In Language Learning
Unlocking Literacy - Effective Decoding & Spelling Instruction
Making Sense of Phonics
From Phonics to Fluency
Speech to Print
Comprehension Strategies for Middle Grade Learners
Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning
Teaching Vocabulary
The Great Word Catalogue-Fundamental activities for building vocabulary

Writing: teachers & Children at Work
Urban Schooling
Teaching Windows of the Mind
Beyond Discipline
Portfolios in Teacher Education
The Psychology of Learning and Instruction
Writing Without Teachers
All I Really Needs to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
The Best of Education
What is Intelligence
Psychology for Teaching
Questioning the Author
Reading/Writing Connections- Learning from Research

Literature- Reading> Reacting> Writing
Building an Effective Adult Education
Exchanging Your Teaching Repertoire
. Social Models of Teaching
. Personal Models of Teaching

A Different Kind of Classroom-Teaching with dimension of learning
Discussion As A Way of Teaching
Counseling Adults
Effective Strategies for Teaching-Minority Students
Adult Learning Survival Skills
Phonics They Use
Changed Lives
Practical Steps for Informing Literacy Instruction:
Reading in the Middle School

How to Measure Achievement
Issue in Education
Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk
Reading and the Adult Learner
Teaching Reading To Adults

The Differentiated Classroom
The Work Alternative
Responding to the Education Needs of Today's Workplace
Functional Literacy and the Workplace
Let's Put America Back to Work
Women and Work 
Stories From the Heart 
Teaching Adults with Learning Disabilities
Insult to Intelligence
Curriculum Building For Adult Learning

Inspiring Active Learning
Who's Minding the Children
Childhood- Multicultural View
Parents and Teachers as Partners
On the Brink
The Soul of Education
The Teacher's Toolbox for Differentiating Instruction
Reading Process and Practice
Visual Thinking
Education in a New Era
Beyond Storybooks:
Mastering the Micro
Sequencing in Instruction in Relation to Hierarchies of Competence

Policy Perspectives
Teachers Favorite Book for Kids
Teaching Reading in Adult Basic Education
The Politics of Workplace Literacy
Standers for the Assessment of Reading and Writing
Continuing Education in The Health Professions
Reducing School Violence
And Also Teach Them to Read
Developing Teaching Style in Adult Education
Educational Research
Applied Linguistics
A Short Course in Teaching Reading Skills
Basic Concepts in Reading Instruction
Assessing Life Skills Competence
The First Every Childs Right to Read
Reading for Meaning: Selected Teaching Strategies
Facts and Fiction: Literature across the Curriculum
A Celebration of Neurons
Reexamining Reading Diagnosis
Curriculum Renewal
The First R- Reading on Teaching Reading
You Can In Encourage Your High School Students to Read
Using Discussion to Promote Reading Comprehension
Interdisciplinary Curriculum
The Systematic Design of Instruction
Foundation for Teaching English as a Second Language
Inquiries & Insights
Using Newspaper to Teach ESL Learners
Dimension of Thinking
Curriculum Building for Adult Learning
Content of the Curriculum
Teaching Reading & Study Strategies
Cooperative Curriculum Improvement
Kids Come in all Languages: Reading Instruction for ESL Students
Family Literacy Connections in School and Communities
Family Literacy in Action
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
A Survey of Family Literacy in the United States
How Children Construct Literacy
Living, Loving & Learning
Teaching Student to Learn Through Their Individual Learning Style
Research and Professional Resource in Children's Literature: Piecing a Patchwork

A Resource Guide to Public School Early Childhood Programs
Choosing & Using Books With New Adult Readers
Adult Literacy Education in the United States
Policy Perspectives
The Courage to Teach
Teaching the Disadvantaged Adult
The Bottom Line: Basic Skills in the Workplace
Rethinking Literacy Education
Learning to Listen Learning to Teach
Never Too Old
Preparing Instructional Objectives
The Three Boxes of Life
Troubleshooting the Troubleshooting Course
Employment in a Performance Economy
Toward a More Perfect Union

Taking Charge of Change
Reaching the Goals
Writing, Research, Theory and Application
You Can be Successful Teacher of Adults
A Treasury of Technique for Adults
When You Are Teaching Adults
The Guidance Function And Counseling Roles in an Adult Education Program
Early Childhood and Basic Elementary and Secondary Education
The Do's and Don't of Teaching
Children's Voices: Talk in the Classroom
Writing With Power
Writing: Teachers and Children at Work
The Bottom Line: Basic Skills in the Workplace
Writing Instruction in the Intermediate Grades:
Workforce 2000
The Making of an Adult Educator
Retraining the American Workforce
Job Competency
Teaching Reading to Adults
The Struggle to Continue
Psycholinguistics and Reading
Understanding Reading

Rachel and Her Children: Homeless Family in America
Teaching From the Heart
Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children
Improving Reading Comprehension
Effective Teaching of Reading: Research and Practice
Black, White, Green, Read
Books for You
Desktop Reference to the International Reading Association
How Writing Shapes Thinking
Developing Attitude Towards Learning
Toward the Thinking Curriculum: Current Cognitive Research
Technique for Teachers of Adults
A Second Change
Bringing Words to Life
The Second Treasury of Techniques for Teaching Adults
Book Talk and Beyond
Using Language Experience with Adults 
Working with Words
Preparing Your Own Adult Basic Education Reading Materials
Multicultural Classroom
Envisioning Literature
The Middle School and Beyond
Classroom Strategies for the Secondary Reading
Work Force 2020
How to Teach Adults
The Politics of Reading
Towards A Reading Writing Classroom
Children's Comprehension of Text
Choosing & Using Books with Adult New Readers
Computer Application in Reading
Convergences: Transactions in Reading and Writing

Strategic Teaching and Learning
Mentoring Contemporary Principles and issues
Mentoring Developing Successful News
Using What We Know About Teaching
Helping Teachers Manage Classrooms
Reading Comprehension
Reading Engagement
Toward A Coherent Curriculum
Fair Dinkum Teaching and Learning Reflections on Literacy and Power
Rediscovering Hope
Materials and Method
How to Teach Adults in one Hour
When You Are Teaching Adults
How to Achieve Discipline With Dignity in the Classroom
Teachers, Their World, and Their Work
Language Connections: writing and reading across the curriculum
Planning and Assessing the Curriculum in English Language Arts
Inspiring Active Learning: A Handbook for Teachers
Teaching Techniques (For Part Time Community College Instructors)

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