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About the SIPDC Resource Library 

The SIPDC Library contains a variety of  resource materials and makes them available on a loan basis (free of charge) to adult education programs and staff throughout the center's service region. Patrons of the Resource Library can find useful materials from basic literacy needs to ESL, professional resource information, employability skills, and specific competency areas like English language, math, reading, social studies, and science. New resource materials are added to the library on a regular basis to meet the needs and interests of patrons

How to get information on materials

Resource library materials are categorized alphabetically into seventeen categories. Category One is further classified into twelve sub-categories.  Information on each category and sub-category can be obtained from the links provided below. Under each category and sub-category there are several resource materials whose information can be obtained by using the individual link. 

Resource Library category List

01. Class Room Resources

02. Adult learning and Literacy

03. Study Skills

04. Teacher Resource

05. Special Learning Needs

06. Staff Development

07. Learning Disability

09. Reading Comprehension

10. Professional Development

11. Reading

12. Administration

13. Technology

How to check out the materials

To check  out materials from the library on a 30-day loan basis, call SIPDC at 618-650-2254 or email Pat Wellen with the following information's:

  • Bar Code
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Publish Date
  • Category
 There is no limit to the number of items that may be checked out by individual patrons. The library operates free of charge to all adult education providers in the Southern Illinois region. The only charge incurred by patrons is the return cost of shipping via UPS.                                                                                                              


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