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Southern Illinois Professional Development Center, SIPDC,  provides professional/staff development services to enhance the effectiveness of those serving adult learners. This site provides a sample of what is available through the SIPDC, links to other resources and programs and an opportunity for you to contact us with your needs and requests. The SIPDC offers services at three levels: Support, Service and Staff Development.


The SIPDC is the support system for adult basic education programs and literacy projects in the southern third of Illinois. These 39 programs are under the auspices of community colleges, public schools, superintendents of educational service regions and department of corrections. Each program's curriculum consists of one or more of the following:

  • Adult basic education
  • Adult secondary education
  • GED preparation
  • Literacy (family, community and workplace) projects
  • Vocational/occupational education
  • English as a Second Language. 
The SIPDC provides assistance in all areas related to programming; its development, design and implementation. The SIPDC's role of support also extends to a variety of interagency groups, with adult education/literacy members striving to serve mutual clients more efficiently and effectively.


The SIPDC maintains a lending library (soon to be available online) in excess of 1000 items of current resource materials for classroom and professional use including journals, books, periodicals and audio-visual materials.


The main thrust of the SIPDC is to increase awareness among adult educators of the need for professional growth. Through the formation of Continuing Professional Development Learning Communities opportunities will be provided for participants to experience that growth and expand their vision. Another avenue to staff development is through the newly initiated listserv, sipdc-forum. Subscribe to this electronic mail discussion group to dialogue, share and seek answers. Check the statewide event calendar for workshops, conferences and meetings that support your professional development.

If you are interested in learning more about SIPDC or any of its services, have questions or need information contact Bevan Gibson, Director, Southern Illinois Professional Development Center. 

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