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What is a Continuing Professional Development Learning Community?

It is a place where each individual's knowledge is honored. Here you can use what you know to continue learning and grow personally and professionally.

What Learning Communities are available?

There are Learning Communities for Special Learning Needs (SLN), Family Literacy (Fam Lit), ABE/ASE, ESL and Workforce.

Who can be a member?

Anyone looking for new opportunities for personal professional growth and improvement or anyone who would like a voice in identifying the skills and knowledge they need can be a member.

What will members of Continuing Professional Development Learning Communities do?

They select topics and approaches that best serve their learning style and address their needs and also develop, recommend and implement strategies that improve services to adults and their families and focus on program improvement as well as individual growth.
Members will also address the interrelatedness of:

  • Effective management techniques
  • Student/client retention
  • Student/client achievement
  • Improved teaching techniques
Why should you join a Learning Community?

Because YOU can make a difference in the lives of the adults and their families that you serve. Because YOU are a Life Long Learner and wish to learn with others who share your interests and needs.


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