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This page will provide you with access to a variety of data sets. While comprehensive data sets can be downloaded elsewhere, the data included on this page is meant to help individuals develop their skills and confidence with simple analytical processes.

Statistical Guides On-Line: The weblinks below will allow you to access a variety of statistical books and manuals on-line.

Guide to SPSS:  This tutorial was written by the Harvard-MIT Data Center as an introductory guide to SPSS for social scientists and social science students, including scholars performing quantitative research and undergraduates working on their senior theses.

SPSS for Windows:  This brief tutorial on SPSS is provided by the Social Sciences Research and Instructional Council's Teaching Resources Depository.

Data Sets: The data sets below have been compiled from various sources. Some of the available data is subsetted from larger data sets. This data has been chosen because of its relevance to various courses taught in the SIUE Department of Political Science and because of it is fairly simple for students to use and understand.

GDP 1960-1999   This data set provides Gross Domestic Product in millions (US$) for members of the international community for the years 1960-1999.

GNP 1972-1993  This data set provides a time series of GNP measured in US dollars for members of the international community for the years 1972-1993.

House Judiciary Committee Data Example   This data set provides information regarding the makeup of the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee in 1996.

ICPSR Online Analysis Using the Data Analysis System (DAS): A selection of ICPSR data collections is available for online data analysis. Users can perform certain statistical procedures on the data, create custom subsets, or browse the codebook on the Internet, without downloading the entire collection and importing the data into a statistical package.

Levels of Freedom, 1972-1998   This data set is based on the annual survey conducted by Freedom House. Freedom country scores for states in the international system are provided for the years 1972-1999.

Material Capabilities and Code Book, 1816-1993  This data set provided through the Correlates of War project provides demographic, military, and industrial indicators for each member of the international system member for each year between 1816 and 1993. Click on Material Capabilities to access data. Click on Code Book to access the code book for the data set.

Nuclear Explosions Data Base   Geoscience Australia maintains a database of nuclear explosions with the location, time and size of explosions around the world since 1945. This is a query based database.

Public Opinion Regarding Job Approval of US President Bill Clinton, 1993-1997  Examine US public opinion data regarding the way US President Clinton handled his job from 1993-1997. The data in raw form and can be easily converted.

Public Opinion Regarding Job Approval of US President Richard Nixon, 1969-1974   Examine US public opinion data for President Nixon through out his term as president.

Public Opinion Regarding Job Approval of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1938-1943   US opinion regarding the way FDR handled his job as president is available here. The data is in raw form and can be easily converted..

Seats and Votes in US House of Representatives, 1946-1996   Examine the percentage of seats, as well as votes, held by democrats in the US House of Representative over time.

US Department of Defense: Military Personnel by Regional Area and Country 2003   This site provides data regarding US active duty military personnel by regional area and country for 2003.

World Population, 1960-1999   Examine the population of countries around the world between 1960 and 1999. Data drawn from the World Development Indicators.


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