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American Diplomacy     This site provides Foreign Service Dispatches and Reports on US Foreign Policy.

Bibliography of Information Warfare     This site provides a comprehensive list of documents and abstracts for information related to Information Warfare and Infrastructure Vulnerability.

CIA World Factbook     The Central Intelligence Agency's  annual publication of country specific information.

Cyber Terrorism     This site is hosted by System Solutions Groups and provides a variety of sources related to the discussion of cyber-terrorism.

DefenseLink     The official homepage of the US Department of Defense.  

Fletcher Forum     The foreign policy journal of the Fletcher School of Law and diplomacy, this site provides access to research, opinions, and commentaries on international law, security, business and humanitarian affairs.                    

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN     This site provides information about the FAO, whose mission is to raise levels of nutrition and standards of living around the world.

Foreign Affairs    Foreign Affairs is a leading journal in the field of international relations.  This site provides links to on-line resources available from Foreign Affairs dealing with international issues of concern.
FPA    This link takes you to the Foreign Policy Association's web site.  The FPA is one of the oldest global affairs organizations in existence.  Dedicated to educating the public on issues of global concern, the site provides valuable resources for those interested in studying international relations and foreign policy.

Foreign Policy in Focus     Foreign Policy in Focus is a think tank whose mission is to explore ways in which the US can become a more responsible global leader and partner.  This site provides you access to current studies and policy recommendations.

Freedom House    Established in 1941, Freedom House conducts programs to promote democracy around the world. Freedom House conducts annual surveys that measure countries' civil liberties practices.

HOTT     Hour of the Time is a site that provides a critical view of information on the internet. In particular, this link examines available resources about information warfare.

Human Rights Watch     This site is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. At this site you can obtain information about human rights violations.

Information Survivability     Hosted by the University of Virginia, the Information Survivability for Critical Infrastructure Protection is a comprehensive site that provides links to reports, journals, conferences, and papers on information warfare.

Information Warfare     This is a comprehensive site of information and related links about information warfare. It is hosted by UNB Saint John Ward Chapman Library.

Information Warfare Links    Complete set of links to various government and research related sites on information warfare.

IASIW     The Institute for the Advanced Study of Information Warfare site provides a host of resources related to the study of cyber war.

Intelligence     This site provides links to on line resources related to intelligence.

International Relations Sites     One of the most comprehensive sites on the web.  Links are provided for major sites in international relations, including: general resources and information, peace and security, terrorism, nationalism, ethnic conflicts,  international economic development, non-governmental organizations, and supranational organizations. This site is hosted by the Virtual Library Organization.

International Relations Resources     Links are provided for general resources in international relations, international affairs, international organizations and political economy.  This site is hosted by the Department of Political Science, University Colorado at Boulder.

International Relations   This site provides a comprehensive set of links to general resources for international relations, major sites, peace and security studies, terrorism, international economic development, and much more. This site is hosted by the University of British Columbia Library.

ISN     The International Relations and Security Network site provides invaluable materials related to global security and trends.

IR Theory     The International Relations Theory site is an  online resource for students and educators.  The aim of the site is to facilitate the understanding and explanation of events in world politics.

International Trade Association    This site provides information regarding US foreign commerce and trade. Key links include: export portal, global business, trade advocacy, import administration, etc.

JWSR    The Journal of World-Systems Research is an electronic journal sponsored by the Institute for Research on World-Systems. This is a wonderful source for information related to issues of globalization.
Military Resources
    Links are provided to branches of the US Armed Services, as well as US Department of Defense links. Hosted by the Department of Political Science, University of Colorado at Boulder.

NATO     This is the site for the official homepage of the  North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Peace & Conflict Study     On-line access to the journal of Peace and Conflict Study.    

Poly-Cy Internet Resources    One of the most comprehensive international relations site on the web.  

RMA     This site provides full-text online resources about the Revolution in Military Affairs. Of particular interest are the materials listed for Strategic Information Warfare and Defense.

SIPRI    The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute provides research materials, publications and data bases on international relations and security trends.  The Institute is a leading source of data regarding conflicts, military expenditures, and arms.

SSI     The Strategic Studies Institute is a wonderful resource for information on international relations. This site is maintained by the United States Army War College.

     This is the site for the official homepage of the United Nations.

UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization    The main objective of UNESCO is to promote peace and security through collaborative undertakings.

UN Peacekeeping Operations Map     Several peacekeeping maps are available at this site.

US Air Force     The official homepage of the US Air Force.

US Army     The official site of the US Army.               
     The United States Information Agency is an independent foreign affairs agency within the Department of State. This agency explains and supports US foreign policy while promoting US national interests.
US Navy     The official homepage of the US Navy.           

US State Department    Link to official US Department of State home page.  Available resources include: press releases, travel warnings, country and region studies, international topics and issues of interests, and history, education, and cultural undertakings.

US Department of State Electronic Journals    This site provides access to electronic journals published by the US Department of State.  Journal titles include: US Foreign Policy Agenda, Economic Perspectives, Issues of Democracy, Global Issues, and US Society and Values.

US Diplomatic Resources     This web page provides a comprehensive index to available resources to study US foreign policy.  

WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources     This site is hosted by the Virtual Library Organization and provides hundreds of links to media sources, international organizations, regional and country studies, international economics, international development, , communications peace and conflict resolution, human rights, and US foreign policy.  

World Watch Institute     This organization is dedicated to fostering an environmentally sustainable society.


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