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is a generalist journal of literary criticism and scholarship published quarterly at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. PLL publishes essays on all national literatures and historical periods, as well as book reviews, notes, and original materials such as notebooks, letters, and journals.

PLL began publication in 1965; its founding editor was Nicholas T. Joost, who was succeeded by Alvin Sullivan until his passing in 1991. The journal was then edited by Dickie Spurgeon from 1991 to 1992, then passed to co-editorship under Jack G. Voller and Brian Abel Ragen until 1997, at which point Professor Ragen edited the journal until his retirement in 2008. Professor Voller returned for five years as editor until his retirement in 2013.

Helena Gurfinkel

Associate Editors
James Hill, Maurice Hunt, Christine Krueger, and Brian Abel Ragen

Managing Editor
Melanie Ethridge

Advisory Board
  Guinn Batten—Washington University in St. Louis
Lawrence Besserman—Emeritus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jodi A. Byrd—The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Joseph Conte—The University at Buffalo
Cathy N. Davidson—Duke University
Stephen M. Fallon—The University of Notre Dame
Oren Izenberg—The University of California, Irvine
Simon P. Joyce—The College of William and Mary
Laura H. Korobkin—Boston University
Joseph D. Litvak—Tufts University
Deidre Shauna Lynch—The University of Toronto
Gene A. Plunka—The University of Memphis
Stella Purce Revard—Emerita, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Howard Rambsy—Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Margaret Stetz—The University of Delaware
Ayanna Thompson—The George Washington University
Karen L. Tongson—The University of Southern California
H. Aram Veeser—City College, The City University of New York

PLL is a member and subscribes to the principles of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals, an MLA allied organization.

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