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Physics Honors Program

A student who has been admitted to SIUE's Honors Scholars Program may apply to the Physics Honors Program, giving the student an opportunity to study a subject more intensively or branch out into subjects not normally covered.  A student who completes the honors curriculum will be recognized by the designation Physics Honors on his/her diploma.

A student applying for the Physics Honors Program must first be admitted to the SIUE Honors Scholars Program and then apply for a major in Physics.  Upon approval, a designated Honors Scholars adviser will serve as the student's adviser and help the student complete the program requirements.  The student must earn a GPA of 3.9 or better in all major courses.  The honors curriculum core courses are taken in the last two years of study and include PHYS 375 (Seminar) and PHYS 390 (Junior Physics Honors).

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Written by:  Roger Hill (rhill@siue.edu)
Revised:  2013 Jul 16
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