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Bachelor of Science, Physics
Degree Requirements

The following list shows the courses and the total number of credit-hours required in each category.  See the Typical Program of Study for a 4-year curriculum guide.  Students should consult their advisers regularly to work out and update their programs of study, and must have adviser approval in order to register each term.

General Education Requirements       42
    This must include the following:
    Either CS 140 or CS 145 (4 hours).
Note also that students seeking teacher certification must take specific general education requirements.  See the Secondary Education section of the catalog for details.
Physics Requirements 54
PHYS 151, 151L, 152, 152L, 201, 201L, 251, 304
PHYS 218, 314, 321, 323, 405AB, 416, 499AB
Any one of PHYS 410, PHYS 430, PHYS 450, or MATH 465
Chemistry Requirements 10
CHEM 121AB, 125AB
Mathematics Requirements 20
MATH 150, 152, 250, 305
Either MATH 321 or 355
Electives and/or Minor 6


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