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Physics-Related Web Sites
(This page to be updated soon)

We are not attempting to list physics departments of individual universities on this page (such lists can be found at some of the sites below), but are giving links to sites of general physics interest.

Physics Organizations

  • American Physical Society (APS)  -  Society information, directories, meetings, journals, careers and employment, physics timeline, internet resources, etc.  Many useful links for physicists and students.
    • Physical Review Focus  -  Selections from Physical Review and Physical Review Letters along with explanations aimed at physics students and researchers as well as other science writers.  Also has an E-mail list for receiving weekly introductions to Focus selections.
    • Physics Internet Resources  -  Physics resources, journal contents, reference sites, societies, products, other links.
    • APS Career Center  -  For both job seekers and employers:  Job and resume posting; searchable job and resume listings, career guidance, etc.
  • American Institute of Physics (AIP)  -  Information, meetings, publications, resources, history center, etc.
    • Physics Today Online  -  Full editorial content of Physics Today magazine, links to references, background information for articles in the form of past articles and links to other sites; searchable events calendar, job center, and buyers' guide.
    • Physics News Links  -  Many links to news items, organizations, journals, labs, institutions, educational sites, and other information.
    • Society of Physics Students  -  A professional association designed for students interested in physics.  Includes the physics honor society Sigma Pi Sigma.
    • Career Services  -  Career information and job opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students; posting of job openings and resumes; searchable listings of jobs and prospective employees.
    • Statistical Research Center  -  Collects and provides data on education and employment in physics and related fields.  Includes Who's Hiring Physics Bachelors listed by state.
  • American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)  -  News, products catalog, American Journal of Physics online, classroom resources, etc.
  • Illinois Section of the AAPT  -  Meeting notices, online newsletter, etc.
  • St. Louis Area Physics Teachers  -  Local events, teaching resources, etc.
  • Institute of Physics (England)  -  Information on books, periodicals, conferences, education, latest news, etc.
  • European Physical Society  -  Conferences, workshops, schools, etc.

Other Physics Resource Sites

  • Physics Central  -  A nice all-around site for physicists and non-physicists.  News, people, physics in action, how things work, essays, etc.
  • PhysicsWeb (formerly TIPTOP)  -  An all-around physics resource center.  Links to physics institutions around the world, conferences, job opportunities, news flashes, historical events, virtual laboratory applets, forums, book reviews, and more.
  • PhysLink  -  Physics and astronomy news, information for teachers and students, online forums, references, software, etc.
  • PhysNet (Universität Oldenburg, Germany)  -  Worldwide listings of physics departments, documents search, journals, conferences, jobs, educational materials, etc.
  • ComPADRE  -  Physics and astronomy education resources for students and teachers.  Includes The Nucleus, an interactive site for physics and astronomy undergraduate students.
  • Scirus  -  A science-specific search engine.
  • Robot (University of Maryland)  -  Conferences, job openings for faculty and post-doctoral positions, stories on famous physicists, dictionary and encyclopedia.
  • Physical Constants (National Institute of Standards and Technology)  -  Fundamental constants in various categories and formats with bibliographies, background information, and links to selected data.
  • Directory and Survey of U.S. Particle Physicists  -  Prepared by the Particle Data Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA.
  • Físicos Famosos (Instituto de Física, Rio de Janeiro, Brazsil)  -  Want to know what Oersted looked like?  About 200 pictures of famous physicists and groups of physicists.

Physics Research Centers

  • Fermilab (Batavia, IL)  -  Preprints, services, references, etc.
  • Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne, IL)  -  Programs, news, physics links, etc.
  • CERN (European Laboratory for Particle Physics, Geneva, Switzerland)  -  Programs and events, other information and links.

Publication Sources (also found in some of the above sites)

  • APS Research Journals  -  Journals online, information on submitting articles, etc.
  • E-Print Archive (arXiv.org, Los Alamos National Laboratory)  -  A fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers in physics and related disciplines, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computational linguistics, and neuroscience.
  • CERN Preprint Repository
  • World Scientific  -  Journals, textbooks, and other publications in physics and other sciences.  Contents, abstracts, and (for some publications) full texts.
  • Vanderbilt University Library  -  A good place to track down books and other publications.
  • Textbook Source  -  A place to hunt for new and used textbooks.

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