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Welcome to the Physics Department at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville!  In Physics we seek to explain how the world works, studying the basic "building blocks" of the universe and the laws which govern their interactions.  Physics encompasses not only everyday phenomena such as forces, gravity, electricity, magnetism, heat, and light, but also more "exotic" topics ranging from the structure of the atom to the motions of the planets to the history of the universe.

The SIUE Physics Department offers a full spectrum of courses ranging from courses suitable for non-science majors through upper-level physics courses.  The Department offers three undergraduate degree programs, as well as a wide range of courses of general interest for non-majors.  Class sizes are small and students have ample opportunity to interact with the faculty and engage in research projects.  Research is being actively carried out in various fields of physics, including in particular Optics and Photonics, Computational and Condensed-Matter Physics, and Physics and Astronomy Education.  The Department also conducts public astronomical viewing sessions and engages in other outreach activities for the community.

Contacting the Physics Department

Address:   Department of Physics, Box 1654
Southern Illinois University
Edwardsville, IL 62026-1654
Office:   Room AH-3119
The Physics Department is temporarily located on the third floor of Alumni hall during the renovation of Science Building East.  The offices are accessed from the main hallway via door 3117 and are adjacent to the Speech Communication Department.
Phone:   618-650-2472
Fax:   618-650-2038 (shared with Speech Communication)
E-Mail:   ahamad@siue.edu
(Dr. Abdullatif Y. Hamad, Department Chair)

This page:  http://www.siue.edu/PHYSICS
Written by:  Roger Hill (rhill@siue.edu)
Revised:  2014 Apr 7
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