SIUE Choir Information

2005 - 2006
Choral Society - Concert Choir - Madrigal Singers - U Singers


Each singer is responsible for obtaining their own uniform.

Men - Tuxedo
Men need a black tuxedo, white wing-tip shirt with black, wrap-around bow tie, black shoes and socks.

Women - Long black dress that looks like it belongs next to a man wearing a tuxedo
Women need an elegant (not sensual or revealing) black dress with sleeves and no sequins or colored ornamentation. The dress should be at least tea-length and accompanied with black hose and close-toed black shoes.  Women are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes (i.e., no spiked heels).


I am very excited about the literature being planned for this Fall.  Each choir has a nice variety of challenging repertoire.  Repertoire is listed in the Ensemble syllabus


Please refer to the calendar

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