S I U E   C H O I R S
Literature Spring 2002

Feb 24th concert
Concert Choir
Last Words of David                                        Thompson
Ecco mormorar l’onde                                     Monteverdi
From Trois Chanson                                        Debussy
               Dieu quit la fait
               Yver vous neste
To be sung on the water                                   Barber
Motet VI Lobet den Herrn                               Bach

Community Choral Society
Hallelujah from the Mount of Olives                 Beethoven
Hosanna to the Son of David                          Gibbons
My Luve’s like a Red Red Rose                     Clausen
Missa Brevis                                                  Mozart

Song of Triumph                                           Grotenhuis
Choose Something Like a Star                     Thompson

April 25-26  concert
Gloria                                Poulenc
Coronation Mass              Mozart

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