deadline: March 15, 2014 (early registration is greatly appreciated!)

If you would like to participate in the Conference please send an email to  K. Jarosz at with the following information:

- Full name

- Email and telephone number 

- Personal web page if available

- Address and Institution

- Departmental webpage

- Expected day of arrival and departure

- Preferred accommodation:

                - dorm, shared room ($37/night) to be shared with: 

                - dorm, private room & shared bathroom ($47/night)

                - hotel (arranged by the participant)

- Do you request financial support to defray costs of accommodation and food? 

- Do you request financial support to waive the registration fee? 

- Do you want to present a talk? If so, please email a copy of an abstract of your talk (not to exceed 1/2 page) and indicate preferred length of the talk. 

- For graduate students - please ask your graduate adviser or another well-established mathematician for a letter of recommendation to be emailed separately to the same address.

- Because of the limited number of rooms we may not be able to accept all applications.

Registration Fee: $250 if received by April 15, 2014; $300 after April 15, 2014. The registration fee will cover breakfasts and some other meals as well as local and airport transportation. Payment for the accommodation may be included in the same check or money transfer. 

Check should be payable to: Dept. of Math. & Stat., SIUE.

To wire funds follow the information given here and add "Dept. of Math. & Stat." in the trailer.

We will confirm promptly receiving your check or electronic transfer.

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