Banach Algebras 2009

A conference supported by the European Science Foundation under the ESF-EMS-ERCOM partnership

July 14-24, 2009, Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center, Będlewo, Poland

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 We are planning to produce conference proceedings for the Banach Algebras 2009 conference, to be published by Banach Center Publications and edited by Rick Loy, Volker Runde, and Andrzej Soltysiak.

If you are thinking about contributing a paper to those proceedings, please note the following requirements by Banach Center Publications (

  • The contributions should be based on presentations given at the conference. Mere announcements and preliminary versions of results to appear elsewhere are discouraged, whereas longer survey articles are welcome.
  • All contributions will be subject to strict refereeing. We are required to pass the referees' reports on to the editorial board of Banach Center Publications along with the manuscripts we accept.
  • Banach Center Publications is an author prepared series. You are required to use the documentclass files provided by the publisher, available at
  • We must have a detailed proposal for the volume with Banach Center Publications NO LATER THAN TWO MONTHS AFTER THE MEETING. Therefore, if you plan to submit a paper for inclusion in the proceedings, please, send an e-mail to Volker Runde indicating
    1. the title of your paper,
    2. a short abstract, and
    3. the likely number of pages


We hope to have our proposal approved within a month, so that the deadline for actual manuscript submission would be some time in November or December 2009.

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