Rate Card

Video and audio, from concept through completion.

Pre-Production $50/hr
Includes client meetings after initial meeting, any type of research (and related planning) required for the project (focus groups, etc.), scriptwriting and editing, administrative work related to the project, and any preproduction planning work (scheduling crew, actors, locations, etc.).
Production $200/hr
Field Production
Includes director/camera operator, one crew member, any necessary equipment (HD camera, tripod, lighting, audio and grip equipment), travel to and from locations, setup, single camera shooting, and tear down.

Studio Production
Includes director, engineer, three crew members, hourly use of the studio (3 digital studio cameras, light grid, etc.) and control room (Ross Synergy switcher, Chyron, Mackie audio board, etc.), setup, multi-camera shooting (if necessary), and tear down.

For both Field and Studio Production
Additional charges may apply for extra cameras and operators, actors (including hair, makeup, costumes, and props), craft services, and other related costs.

Additional Crew members (director’s discretion) $10/hr each
Studio space rental $100/hr, $150/hr w/ technician
Post-Production $100/hr
Includes footage capturing, compression, backup, editing, effects, titles, graphics, in-house music, DVD authoring, and up to 5 DVDs of finished project.
External Hard Drive Current cost
Additional charges may apply for specialized graphics and effects, music, and voice talent. Copies in excess of 5 DVDs will require working with a DVD duplication service at an additional charge or be charged $5/DVD if done in-house.
General Information
Time and one-half rates are charged outside normal production times (8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday). Clients must conform to SIUE studio standards and practices, existing schedules and contract commitments.