Dr. Ralph Donald

Professor and Department Internship Coordinator

Ralph Donald

Office Phone: (618)650-2236
Cell Phone: (618) 960-4676
Email: rdonald@siue.edu

Chair of the Mass Communications Department from 1997 to 2003, Ralph Donald has taught broadcasting, journalism and film at the college level for 37 years. His professional credits include jobs as a newspaper reporter and editor, radio and television news producer, TV station production manager, and independent writer-producer-director of film and video. Sooner or later he'll settle on something. Dr. Donald's research interests includefilm and television propaganda, motion picture history, gender-related research in film and television, pedagogical and curriculum issues in mass communications. Leadership in national academic organizations includes serving 19 years on the executive board of the Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association, one term as MAPACA's president, and founding editor of that organization's academic journal, the Mid-Atlantic Almanack. He also served as vice-chair and then chair of the Courses, Curricula and Administration Division of the Broadcast Education Association for four years. Dr. Donald resides in Edwardsville, IL, with his wife, clinical psychologist Dr. Karen MacDonald. Between them, they have eight children and eleven grandchildren they admit to. He and Karen travel a lot, play golf, and so far have avoided drowning in various risky water sports.