Featured Articles There's no I in Team: MC alum Wilber lives the expression 2011 - By Kari Williams SIUE Mass Communications alumnus Bob Wilber, left, with the Wilkerson Racing funny car prepares for a drag race.

All his life, Bob Wilber, a 1978 SIUE Mass Communications graduate, has been a team-oriented person, and working toward a common goal—winning or losing as a team—is what he loves about drag racing.
Wilber saw his first drag race in 1991 as the general manager of a racetrack in Topeka, Kan. He is now closing in on 15 years of involvement with the National Hot Rod Association.
“I was never a gear head. I built model cars when I was a kid, and that was about the most I knew about cars,” Wilber said.
Wilber currently lives in Wisconsin, and, since he left Kansas, he has worked for various drag racing teams doing public relations, been the general manager for the indoor soccer franchise the Kansas City Attack and worked as the team manager for Del Worsham and Tim Wilkerson’s NHRA funny car teams.


An author's 'dream' deferred is realized 2011 - By Kari Williams SIUE alumna and author Cathey Newhouse with her book ‘The Dream Mystery.’ Twenty years after penning the book, SIUE mass communications alumna Cathey Newhouse has self-published “The Dream Mystery.” The book is a teen mystery about searching for buried treasure. The main character Elizabeth Cox finds papers from her uncle about buried treasure, and Elizabeth and her friends are determined to solve the mystery. “I put it up and went to school, and graduated and all that. And now we’re here,” Newhouse said. “It was that simple. I just sat down and started writing, which is kind of the way I just do it. Get a thought and go with it.” READ MORE

Message from the Director 2011 - By Dr. Gary Hicks Dear Alumni and Friends of the Department of Mass Communications, I am extraordinarily happy to be able to begin this, my second column for the Mass Communicator as department chair, with the news that the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication has unanimously approved our department for full re-accreditation. Re-accreditation occurs every six years and entails a massive amount of work on the part of the department’s staff and faculty. The first major step is the creation of a self-study by the department, followed by a visit to the department by a site team of mass communications academics and professionals. Recommendations are given and votes taken at two levels within the accrediting body. The result: SIUE’s Department of Mass Communications retains its place among the 113 mass communications and journalism programs worldwide (only one of five in Illinois) to be accredited. READ MORE

Shotgun graduates, but have a solid foundation By Mark Motley
President, Mass Communications Alumni Board
VP Communications at the Simmons Law Firm
We mass communications graduates are a funny breed.

Not quite so prudent as our fellow classmates who chose the business school’s marketing or speech communications programs, yet sensible enough to have not majored in English (most of us only minored, of course), mass communications graduates occupy a unique space of professional real estate.

It’s a neighborhood nestled somewhere between political science — with its straight lines and neatly manicured lawns — and the theatre department, who, much to the city’s chagrin, simply pitch a tent and refuse to build.READ MORE

SIUE alumni prove a mass comm education applies in many fields 2011 - By Aren Dow & Kellen Ozanich (Scroll over the pictures to read the cutlines)Recycling advertising skills
SIUE alumnus Chad Hurley graduated in 2000 with no intention of finding a job in mass communications. While he was an undergraduate, he worked at a local refinery south of campus in Alton, Ill.  It was there that he developed an idea for a recycling business that salvages metal.

“How it all got started was the idea of opening it up to the public,” Hurley said.

He said he came to SIUE because he was low on funds, but knew he needed a college education. He graduated with a business major and his minor study was in mass communications. 

‘In a world where…’: SIUE graduates win Emmy award 2011 - By Aren DowFormer SIUE students were honored with a Mid-American Emmy Award in October 2010 for their work on the movie trailer spoof “Academic Integrity” that includes a voiceover from voiceover great Don LaFontaine. The trailer was created in a summer 2008 independent study class with Mass Communications professor Cory Byers. Brent Roth, Alex Trepka and Preston Gibson —dubbed the “Crafty Batch”—alongside Rebecca Mead and Kyle West won in the student production, non-news category, where they were up against two groups from the University of Arkansas. READ MORE