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European Studies Minor
The European Studies minor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is an interdisciplinary program drawn from subject areas in the social sciences and the humanities. The courses focus on Western and Eastern Europe. Students pursuing a European Studies minor must complete a minimum of 18 credits at the 300 level or above. At least one course each must be taken in three of the four areas: Geography, History, Political Science, or Foreign Languages. Courses not on this list may be acceptable if approved by the European Studies advisor. For more information contact the coordinator in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature: 2308 Peck Hall, Telephone 650-3510.

The Program
Prerequisite: History 111B - History after 1500

Complete at least one course in three of the following areas.

Hist 308A Imperium and Christianity: Western Europe 300-1000CE
Hist 308B Medieval Conquests & Kingdoms 1000-1500
Hist 315 History of Religion in Europe
Hist 320 The Renaissance in Europe
Hist 321 Reformation Europe 1500-1648
Hist 322 History of Italy
Hist 408 History of England 1500-Present
Hist 412 French Revolution
Hist 413 Modern France
Hist 415 Modern German History
Hist 416 WWI & Its Aftermath
Hist 418 WWII
Hist 420 European, Social Cultural, & Intellectual History: Renaissance-French Revolution
Hist 422 Late Modern Europe
Hist 424 Topics in Eastern European History
Hist 426 Topics in Russian and Soviet History
Hist 428 Topics in European Women=s History

Foreign Languages

Fr 311 - Contemporary France
Ger 311 - German Culture
Span 311 - Contemporary Spain

Geog 330 Geography of Europe
Geog 331 Geography of Independent States

Political Science
Pols 350 Western European Political Systems
Pols 351 Eastern European Political Systems

Interdisciplinary Course
IS 332 Political and Social Thought of Hegel and Marx

Additional Requirement:
Two years of a European foreign language