In its mission statement, the University assigns first priority to excellence in undergraduate education. The purpose of the EUE program is to support this mission by funding projects that will contribute to excellence and innovation in undergraduate education. Faculty, staff and students are eligible to submit proposals to the EUE program. High priority will be given to proposals involving:

  • Teaching improvements (including projects addressing student-active learning and the utilization of new methods and technology in instruction)

  • Improvement in general-education outcomes

  • Interdisciplinary-curriculum development (for example, writing across the curriculum and learning communities)

  • Projects by individuals or groups that incorporate peer review of teaching, use of portfolios for improvements in teaching, or other related activities

  • Student retention and recruitment with special focus on under-represented students

  • Programs emphasizing student research and creative activities

  • Contributions to matching funds for externally funded proposals that address undergraduate curricula

  • Other ideas (for example, globalization of curricula, visiting scholars, pilot projects, improving student life on campus, including community service options within general education).


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