Managing Funds

At the beginning of the Fall semester (normally September), EUE funds are transferred to an account in the office of your Dean or Director. It is important to note that the University does not set up a separate account number for each award. Consequently, the EUE Account in your Dean's office may contain funds for as many different EUE grants.

The person listed first on the proposal Cover Page is the contact person for each EUE Award. It is the primary responsibility of this individual to manage the award. Also note that, if two or more project directors listed on the cover page are from different Schools or Units, the funds will be transferred into the unit of the first project director listed. The Dean or Director of the first-named EUE recipient (or their designated appointee) is the fiscal officer for the grant. All purchase requisitions, contracts for student wages, etc. must be processed through the office of your Dean or Director.

While someone in your Dean's office is charged to keep track of your expenditures, the project directors should assume responsibility for the management of your EUE award. Here are some things you should know.

  • Your EUE Project Number (a four or five digit code, the first two digits designate the fiscal year of your EUE grant. e.g. 11-25 (Fiscal Year 2011, Proposal number 25).
  • Your EUE Project Title (As listed on the proposal's Cover Page)
  • The EUE Account Number for your School or Unit. (Check with your dean or director for the unit account number)
  • The EUE Account Title (e.g. EUE - School of Education, etc.)
  • The designated award amount in each budget line (salaries, student wages, contractual services, etc.)

If, at any time during your grant period, there is a change in the contact person (due to sabbatical, change of assignment, retirement, etc.) please contact the EUE coordinator and register the change.


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