Current Guidelines
Cost Sharing
Proposal Review

The review committee consists of the Faculty Development Council of the Faculty Senate plus members of the professional staff. The committee may seek advice from other persons or committees, such as Library staff Information Technology Services, the General Education Committee, or the Office of Enrollment Management. The review committee makes recommendations to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, who holds the authority for granting the awards. The following criteria are used by the committee:

    1. Excellence, innovation, and impact on under-graduate education and alignment with EUE emphases.
    2. Clarity of description.
    3. Cost effectiveness.
    4. Qualifications of project directors to carry out the project.
    5. Validity of evaluation plan.
    6. Effectiveness of dissemination plan.

Proposals are distributed among three review panels, consisting of 4 members from the Faculty Development Council or volunteer faculty member pool, 1 professional staff representative, and the EUE Coordinator. Proposals requesting more than $20,000 are reviewed by all panels with emphasis on the assessment plan for the proposal. Panel members review proposals individually and then as a panel, making recommendations for funding to the Faculty Development Council. The entire council provides a second review for "gray-area" proposals. The FDC then forwards recommendations for funding to the Provost.

The review process is transparent. Reviewers award numerical values 1-4 (Poor through Excellent) in the six weighted areas shown in the Evaluation Criteria. Review panel members also list the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal, along with suggestions on how to improve the proposal for future submissions. Comments are compiled and summarized by EUE coordinator and explicitly communicated to the project directors.


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