Current Guidelines
Cost Sharing
Proposal Review

Projects involving equipment must be clearly justified in relation to the objectives of the EUE program. Individual units may use the EUE program as part of a long-range plan based on unit emphases, provided that proposed projects are commensurate with the goals and objectives of EUE. Equipment requests exceeding $5,000 should be accompanied by a cost-sharing plan in which at least 20% of the equipment cost is provided by the unit. EUE equipment emphases are to: 1) make possible the addition of new courses, specializations or other activities, or the significant improvement of an existing one, and; 2) provide access to new technology in a field.

Proposals to replace broken, worn-out or stolen instructional equipment or to obtain additional equipment to increase access to a course or program because of increased enrollment will not be funded. Support for these types of projects should be pursued through the use of Instructional Equipment funds. The purchase of equipment, information resources, or services of a type that might be provided by the Library or Information Technology Services should be discussed with the EUE Coordinator to determine availability of existing equipment as well as future plans.

EUE often receives proposals from departments or units to carry out activities which were previously funded by EUE. Although these proposals do not request permanent funding, the recurring nature of these projects conflicts with the EUE priority of funding ideas which are new and innovative. While EUE recognizes the importance and impact of many such projects, additional support from EUE may be contingent upon evidence of significant cost sharing by the unit. Faculty and staff members should check with their departments or units or the EUE website to determine if similar projects have been funded in the past. Project directors preparing proposals that may be viewed as recurring projects are highly encouraged to seek matching support from their unit or from external sources prior to submitting an EUE proposal.


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