Current Guidelines
Cost Sharing
Proposal Review

1. Projects or improvements that lead to outcomes related to the areas listed below will be given special consideration:

  • Research or programs that help promote our understanding of retention issues or the development of programs that will help support retention, persistence, and completion
  • Programs that develop and share innovative pedagogies that are applicable in a wide-range of disciplines.  These may be appropriate for various modalities, including face-to-face, online, and blended.
  • Programs that develop experiential learning strategies and activities, excluding field trips, for courses, disciplines, and broad areas of study.  We are particularly interested in the development and integration of high-impact, experiential learning practices in courses, programs, and broad disciplines in which such practices are neither common nor well-developed.
  • The Provost will determine the amount of funding to be set aside for study abroad programming.  In this regard, successful proposals should support developing study abroad opportunities that provide SIUE students important learning experiences and also yield long-term relationships that allow for SIUE’s recruitment of international students.  Ideally, these projects will demonstrate lasting impact beyond those who were able to participate in the funded project.

2. An additional step is required for proposals that are of the study-abroad or travel-study type. All such proposals are to coordinate their proposed project with the Director of the Center for International Programs. As such, applicants are to submit their EUE proposal, inclusive of budget, to the Center for International Programs in order to obtain from that office a Unit Support Statement. Coordination and submission for study-abroad or travel-study EUE proposals is to be done in the time frame of January 6, 2014 to January 20, 2014.

3. Applications for multiple-year funding are not considered.

4. EUE awards will be given pending budget availability.




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