Budget Guidelines

Funding is limited to the period 7/1/14 - 6/30/15. Faculty release time during the academic year for curriculum development and other appropriate projects will be funded at call staff rates. Curriculum development may also be supported during the summer. Faculty overload pay will not be supported. Funding for new course development is limited to no more than one month's salary per course. New courses or curricula developed through EUE funding remain subject to established curricula review policies; approval of funding does not imply that the University has approved these courses or curricula for implementation. Except in unusual circumstances, projects will not be supported that involve payment of honoraria to faculty and staff for performing activities considered part of their ordinary responsibilities at the University.

Some of the most difficult decisions for the review panels are related to funding of international travel for students or faculty. These types of proposals are normally very expensive, and while they may have a substantial impact on the students who can take advantage of the opportunity, the long-term impact on undergraduate education on campus is not as great as many of the other projects. Project Directors of programs that involve international travel are strongly encouraged to minimize the cost of such programs by obtaining additional support from sources outside of EUE. See the Current Guidelines page for information about how to obtain a Unit Support Statement from the Center for International Programs.

You can save yourself considerable headaches if your EUE budget is properly prepared. There is often confusion about the budget categories used by the State of Illinois. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Items under $100 are usually categorized as "Commodities"
  • Software (regardless of price) is categorized as "Contractual Services"
  • Photocopying expenses are now categorized as "Commodities"
  • Most travel expenses fall under"Travel" EXCEPT:
    • Conference fees are "Contractual Services"
    • Local transportation by car is categorized as "Auto"
  • Funding for Graduate Assistants should be categorized as "Salaries"
  • Support for undergraduate student work should be categorized as "Wages"


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