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EUE FY 2015 Awards
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Principal Investigator Project Title

Gunes Ercal, Darron Luesse

Towards an Interdisciplinary Bioinformatics Curriculum

Jenna Gorlewicz, Sharon Locke. Gunes Ercal, Sean Herberts, Georgia Bracey

Experiential Learning in Engineering Communication

Chuck Harper

SIUE Xfest / Manual Cinema

Jessica Harris, Bryan Jack, Rowena McClinton

The Long Struggle for Civil Rights: Slavery to Freedom

Susanne James, Wendy Fuchs

Using Virtual Learning Environments to Embed Experiential Learning Experiences in Undergraduate Courses

Martha LaTorre

Redesigning the Early Childhood Education for the Future

Mark McKenney

Development of a Hybrid Course Infrastructure and its Application in CS340: Algorithms and Data Structures

Craig Miner, Wendy Fuchs, Susanne James

Video Instruction in Special Education Teacher Training

Elizabeth Moreton, Jamie Conklin

Retaining freshmen through a personal librarian program

Edward Navarre

Modernizing the Quantitative Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum

Ann Popkess, Terri Poirier, Christine Durbin, Toni Roucka, Miranda Wilhelm, Katie Ronald

Interprofessional Patient Error Disclosure Simulation Training for Dental Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy Students

Catherine Santanello, Marcelo Nieto

Medicinal Plants and Tropical Diseases Elective

Steve Tamari

Virtual Cultural Exchange: Bringing the Muslim World into the SIUE Classroom

Bin Zhou

Seeking funding to purchase social network analysis software UCINET to support the teaching of globalization and connectivity



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