The SIUE Department of English Language & Literature serves as the editorial home of or otherwise supports three active professional journals:

PLL: Papers on Language and Literature, an internationally recognized scholarly journal of criticism, founded in 1965, which is published quarterly.
postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies, a cross-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal in medieval studies published three times a year.
Sou'wester, a literary magazine of fiction and poetry established in 1960.

These journals, edited by members of the English faculty, provide a rare opportunity for English majors, minors, and other interested students to gain first-hand experience in scholarly and literary editing — experience of considerable value in today's job market.

The Department also sponsors Riverbluff Review, an annual of student poetry and fiction, and supports the Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club and the Black Literary Guild. The Department also hosts occasional guest speakers and writers.

The SIUE Department of English also served for many years as the editorial home of Drumvoices Revue, a multicultural journal of literary and visual arts, which is no longer being published. Drumvoices Revue's longtime editor, Professor Emeritus Eugene B. Redmond, may still be contacted by those seeking further information or interested in the purchase of back issues.

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