E U G E N E   B.   R E D M O N D   W R I T E R S   C L U B

(17 Years of Offering Aid and Comfort--and Occasional Discomfort--to Writers)

Founded in March of 1986, charter members include Sherman Fowler, 
Michael Fontaine, Darlene Roy, and Eugene B. Redmond (club namesake) who is 
poet laureate of East St. Louis and a professor of English at SIUE.
While tutoring--and giving exposure to--writers, the group also 
produces cultural-literary events, like Pre-Kwanzaa and "Fresh & 
Ancestral," for the community. In addition, it "souljourns" to conferences 
and festivals in the US and abroad, and collaborates with SIUE's English 
Department in publishing Drumvoices Revue, Break Word with the World, 
and anthologies of student writings.

Board members of the organization include Dallas Browne of
SIUE's Anthropology Dept., Redmond, Roy, and Evon Udoh. Among trustees are
Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka, Avery Brooks, Barbara Ann Teer, Quincy Troupe,
and Dr. Lena Weathers.

*Board of Directors*

Dallas Browne, Eugene B. Redmond, Darlene Roy, Evon Udoh


Margaret Walker Alexander (1915-1998),  Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka, Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000), Avery Brooks, Raymond Patterson (1929-2001), Barbara A. Teer, Quincy Troupe, Lena Weathers.

For more information contact:

SIUE English Department: 618.650.2060
Eugene B. Redmond: 618.650.3991
E.B.R. Writers Club, P.O. Box 6165, East St. Louis, Illinois 62202
A Not For Profit Organization

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