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Post-Baccalaureate Requirements

The Teaching of Writing Program offers both a Master's Degree and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing.

Note that community colleges require applicants to hold an MA degree; an MA would also serve as a strong foundation for students wishing to enter into a PhD program in rhetoric and composition.

For students who hold either a BA or BS in English or another discipline and who do not wish to pursue the full MA program -- or students who already hold an MA degree in another area of specialization and want to gain credit hours in the teaching of writing -- the post-baccalaureate program is available. (See post-baccalaureate requirements, below.)

NOTE: Students must apply separately for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program even if they are already admitted to another graduate specialization within the department.

Students admitted to the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program prior to Spring 2011 may follow the Pre-Spring 2011 requirements.

  1. Students must complete the following four primary courses (3 credit hrs each):

    • ENG 552 Academic Writing and Research Methods in Composition
    • ENG 554 Composition Pedagogy
    • ENG 556 Theory of Composition and Rhetoric
    • ENG 558 Practicum in the Teaching of Writing

  2. Students must complete two of the following secondary courses (3 credit hrs each):

    • ENG 410 Rhetoric, Writing, and Citizenship
    • ENG 412 Digital Literacies
    • ENG 486 Teaching Creative Writing
    • ENG 541 Discourse Analysis
    • ENG 570 Teaching African-American Oral and Written Literature
    • ENG 572 Theory and Practice of Teaching Writing with Computers
    • ENG 574 Basic Writing Theory and Pedagogy
    • ENG 576 Writing Across the Curriculum
    • ENG 578 Gender, Language, and Pedagogy
    • ENG 581 Topics in Teaching Writing
    • ENG 583 History of Rhetoric I -- The Classical Period to the Renaissance
    • ENG 584 History of Rhetoric II -- The Enlightenment to Today
    • ENG 587 Politics of Composition Pedagogy
    • ENG 490 Advanced Composition, OR ENG 491 Technical Writing, OR ENG 492 Advanced Fiction Writing, OR ENG 493 Advanced Poetry Writing, OR ENG 592 Creative Writing

    Please note that, per University policy, "No substitution or waiver of courses . . . is permissible for a certificate program."

  3. Students must file for graduation no later than the first day of classes in the semester in which they intend to graduate.

  4. Students must submit a copy of their Post-Baccalaureate Certificate checklist, available on the forms page to the English Department's Director of Graduate Studies as they complete their final semester in the program.

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