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Rhetoric and Composition Studies

The Writing Program @ SIUE

Program Requirements

Core Requirements: 9 credit hours

ENG 201 Intermediate Composition
ENG 490 Advanced Composition
ENG 334 Scientific Writing
ENG 491 Business & Technical Writing

The core courses are designed to give you broad experience with a variety of writing and rhetorical approaches.

Electives: 9 credit hours

ENG 332 Argument
ENG 333 Rhetoric of Videogames
ENG 410 Rhetoric, Writing, and Citizenship
ENG 411 Internship in Writing
ENG 412 Digital Literacies
ENG 444 Creative Nonfiction
ENG 488 Rhetoric, Politics, and the Law
ENG 489 Style and Intentionality

You will select two of the above electives in consultation with the Rhetoric & Writing minor mentor. We encourage you to consider an internship, which will provide you with workplace experience.

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