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Course Descriptions

ENG 201 Intermediate Composition (3 cr)
[BHUM, DFAH] Builds upon skills developed in ENG 102. Useful for students across disciplines. Focuses on writing for the rhetorical demands of discipline-specific academic audiences and purposes. Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in 102.

ENG 332 Argument (3 cr)
[BHUM, DFAH] Students will investigate argument history, strategy, and theory; analyze arguments and rhetorical situations -- rhetor, audience, purpose, context; and compose and evaluate argumentative prose. Prerequisite: ENG 102 with grade of C or better.

ENG 334 Scientific Writing (3 cr)
[BICS, DFAH, HUM] Offers students experience in researching, writing, structuring and revising scientific documents. Designed for science and English majors or minors. Prerequisite: C or better in 102.

ENG 388 Survey of the History of Rhetoric (3 cr)
[BHUM, DFAH, EGC] Major rhetoric figures, texts, and definitions, beginning with classical origins and continuing to today. Designed for students interested in composition, literature, and criticism. Prerequisite: ENG 102 with C or better.

ENG 410 Rhetoric, Writing, and Citizenship (3 cr)
Students will read and write rhetorical texts that focus on the role of writing in civic life. A service learning project is required. Pre-requisite: Completion of ENG 102 with a grade of C or better.

ENG 411 Internship in Writing (3 cr)
Involvement in developing workplace writing. Supervised by selected faculty member and cooperating site. Prerequisite: ENG 102 with grade of C or better.

ENG 412 Digital Literacies (3 cr)
[BICS, DFAH, EGC, HUM] Students will investigate digital literacy -- electronic technologies, discursive practices, and cyberspaces. Analysis and assessment of digital artifacts, cultures, and texts. Prerequisite: ENG 102 with grade of C or better.

ENG 444 Creative Nonfiction (3 cr)
[FPA] Writing practice in and examination of a wide variety of modes and subjects comprising the genre of creative nonfiction, i.e. memoir, personal essay, lyric essay. Workshop format. Prerequisite: ENG 290.

ENG 489 Style and Intentionality (3 cr)
A writing course on the study of style. The aim: to study stylistic conventions and innovations. The course is both theoretical and practical.

ENG 490 Advanced Composition (3 cr)
[BHUM, DFAH] Writing sophisticated expository prose. Review of grammatical matters as needed; emphasis on clarity, organization, effectiveness, and flexibility. May be repeated once for credit with permission. Prerequisites: C or better in 102; junior standing or consent of instructor.

ENG 491 Technical and Business Writing (3 cr)
[BICS] Technical communication, professional correspondence, reports, proposals, descriptions, and evaluations; word processing and graphics software. For students in English, business, engineering, nursing, the sciences, and the social sciences. No experience in computers or software necessary. Prerequisites: C or better in 102; junior standing or consent of instructor.

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