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ENG 102 English Composition II (3 cr)
Builds upon the analytical and writing skills developed in 101 with emphasis on argumentation and critical synthesis of information based on research. Prerequisite: a grade of C or higher in 101.

102n English Composition: Non-Native Speakers (3 cr)
Instruction and practice in expository writing, including the essay and research paper. NOTE: Admission only by permit from foreign student advisor or instructor. Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in 101.

Standard Syllabus Description

ENG 102 builds upon the analytical and writing skills developed in 101, emphasizing argumentation and critical synthesis of academic research. Throughout the course, it is hoped that you will:

  • gain an understanding of elements of formal argumentation.
  • write using principles of formal argumentation and learn to apply these principles in various academic disciplines.
  • locate, read, analyze, and synthesize sources in order to write papers incorporating source material.
  • develop an awareness of various citation formats and be able to use at least one of them correctly.
  • learn about and engage in ethical academic research.

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