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Catalog Descriptions

ENG 101 English Composition I (3 cr)
Instruction and practice in analyzing and composing the academic expository essay. Prerequisite: ACT English score of 21 or higher; or placement score; and/or completion of AD 090a/b or AD 092 or equivalent with a grade of C or better.

ENG 101n English Composition: Non-Native Speakers (3 cr)
Instruction and practice in expository writing, including the paragraph and short essay. NOTE: Admission only by permit from foreign student advisor or instructor.

Standard Syllabus Description

ENG 101 is designed to provide instruction and practice in expository writing. Throughout the course, it is hoped that students will

  • gain an understanding of rhetorical strategies and processes of analyzing and composing a variety of print, visual, and digital media
  • gain a meta-awareness of their own development as writers
  • use writing as a way of thinking through topics and ideas
  • understand and use writing strategies and processes to analyze and write about issues that are important to specific audiences and specific purposes
  • analyze the conventions of and write effectively in the university discourse community
  • gain opportunities to collaborate effectively

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