The TESL certificate is designed for students seeking graduate work in TESL pedagogy and theory but not wishing to commit to a two-year MA program. The program covers the same core areas that the full MA does, but can be completed in a shorter amount of time, allowing students to pursue other graduate degrees or professional experiences.

The program requires 18 hours of coursework for completion.

Required courses:

ENG 400 - Principles of Linguistics
ENG 416 - Language and Society
ENG 468 - Second Language Acquisition
ENG 542 - Methods for Teaching English as a Second Language

Electives selected from:
ENG 540- Seminar in Second Language Acquisition
ENG 541- Discourse Analysis
ENG 543- Grammar Pedagogy
ENG 544- Reading and Writing Pedagogy in TESL
ENG 597- Readings in English Studies

Please note that, per University policy, "No substitution or waiver of courses . . . is permissible for a certificate program."

The above requirements are available as a printable checklist [PDF], or you may obtain a copy of the checklist from the information rack outside the office of the Director of Graduate Studies. You will need to submit a hardcopy version of the completed checklist to the Director of Graduate Studies before the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate can be officially awarded.

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