This program is designed to provide students with preparation for professional academic opportunities related to teaching English to non-native speakers or for advanced graduate programs in similar or related fields.

Students completing this specialization will be able to teach English as a second or foreign language, to develop curricula and teaching materials for second language learners, to evaluate the English language capabilities of such learners, and to participate in the advising of students for whom English is not a first language.

Two examination options are available for the completion of this specialization: the thesis option, or the examination option (recommended for students with no previous or current TESL experience). For both options, all of the following courses are required:

Required Core Courses (3 hours each):

ENG 400 - Principles of Linguistics
ENG 416 - Language and Society
ENG 468 - Second Language Acquisition
ENG 542 - Methods for Teaching English as a Second Language
ENG 545 - TESL Practicum

Students select either:

ENG 599-Thesis (6 credits)
ENG 595- Professional Development Seminar

Students taking ENG 595 select four electives, of which two must be at the 500 level, and students doing a thesis select three electives, of which one must be at the 500 level.

ENG 403: History of the English Language
ENG 405 - Pragmatics
ENG 408 - Phonological Analysis
ENG 409 - Syntactic Analysis
ENG 417: Language and Ethnicity
ENG 418: Language Endangerment and Death
ENG 470 - Methods and Materials for K-12 ESL Teaching
ENG 472 - Assessment and Testing in ESL
ENG 474 - Bilingualism and Bilingual Education
ENG 540 - Seminar in Second Language Acquisition
ENG 541 - Discourse Analysis
ENG 543 - Grammar Pedagogy
ENG 544 - Reading and Writing Pedagogy in TESL
ENG 597 - Readings in English Studies 

Students may, with the written approval of their advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies, choose ONE elective from another SIUE Department; use the Graduate Student Request Form to obtain approval prior to registration in any such course.


The mode of final examination is dependent on the culminating activity selected by the student. A student who elects the thesis option must successfully complete a one-hour oral examination based on the thesis. A student who elects to enroll in 595 must attain at least a B in that course and successfully complete an examination responding to questions submitted by a committee of TESL faculty.

The above requirements are available as a printable checklist [PDF], or you may obtain a copy of the checklist from the information rack outside the office of the Director of Graduate Studies.

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