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International Practicum Experience (IPE) Completes its Ninth Year

During June-July of 2011, two students in our MA program specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) travelled to Lleida, Spain to teach English.  The students for this year's practicum were: Jenna Tucker and Elizabeth Killingbeck. The TESL international practicum is an outstanding way to gain additional practical experience in teaching. If you are interested in more information about the International Practicum Experience or would like to see pictures of some of the participants, click here.

SIUE Graduate Studies Make the News

SIUE has been included in the “Top Schools” category of the U.S. News & World Report rankings. SIUE is one of only 23 public universities of the 72 institutions listed in the Top Schools category. We are ranked 58th out of 142 universities in the Midwestern Master’s Universities category. Only 15 of the 57 schools ranked higher than SIUE are public universities. When peer-ranked for academic reputation by presidents, chancellors, provosts, and directors of admissions, our ranking is 38th out of 142. Only 13 of the 37 universities ranked above SIUE are public institutions.

Additionally, U.S. News & World Report cited SIUE for its Senior Capstone integrative learning experience required by all seniors prior to graduation. SIUE was one of only 15 universities nationally recognized in this category that includes Harvard, MIT, Duke, Princeton, and the University of Chicago.

Alumni News

We have received recent news from one alumnus, Gene Dumstorff, who reports that following the completion of his MA degree he found two jobs in the St. Louis area. His first job is at St Louis Community College at Forest Park in their ESL department, teaching students from Iran, Iraq, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, China, Japan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Mexico, Colombia, Ethiopia, and the US.  After Gene worked at Forest Park for a couple of weeks, Lindenwood University called him and he began teaching two classes there in October in an intensive English curriculum.  His students at Lindenwood are all adults or young adults, most of whom have full-time jobs and are coming back to school to pursue degrees. Gene has also done some additional work tutoring ESL students at SIUE.

First Distance Learning Cadre of TESL Students Nears Completion !

SIUE's TESL program has been offering courses during the last couple years in a distance learning format. Students in these courses have been able to complete our 18-hour TESL certificate in online or videoconferenced environments. Some of these students are continuing on to pursue an MA degree.

Programs such as these work best when there a number of students who wish to take courses in non-traditional format. Our first cadre of students were from Rend Lake, Illinois. We would happy to entertain the possibility of future cadres in other locations. If you and some of your colleagues would be interested in pursuing basic certification and/or an MA in TESL, please contact any member of our TESL/Linguistic faculty

Linguistic News Clips in the Media:

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