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TESL M.A. students Ana Roa and Kurt Stoecker present their work at the 2013 Graduate School Symposium.
Please consider attending the event this year and also submitting an abstract of your work next year. This is a wonderful way of getting some extra feedback on a research project that you have done in a class or if you are working on an M.A. thesis. Submissions can be work in progress.
A schedule of the 2013 student presentations is available here.

Jason Braun and Homophone Check
Creative Writing MA student Jason Braun is one of the creators of and online Homophone Check
application. Read more about Jason's project in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Global Awareness Week at SIUE (March 25-29).
Check out the schedule of events, including lectures, panel discussions, performances and more.

TESL M.A. alumna Amanda Wiehl shares her professional experience after graduating from SIUE:
Following my graduation from SIUE in 2008, I taught in Poland for one year under a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship. During my time there, I taught public speaking and academic writing to second year university students and worked on research in the area of Polish-English academic discourse. I was fortunate to have the opportunities to present on this topic at a variety of conferences abroad and in the United States. When I returned from Poland, I began teaching English as a Second Language at the middle school level in a northern suburb of Chicago. During my three years in this position, I helped to construct and implement ESL standards, developed ESL and bilingual programs, and presented on various ESL strategies to colleagues. I also taught a graduate level course on ESL teaching methodologies to fellow teachers. I recently took a fifth grade position in the same district but remain invested with the ESL population."
Thanks for staying in touch, Amanda!  

JFDP fellow visiting our department
Zuleikha Azimova from Kyrgyzstan is visiting our department as a Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP) fellow during the Spring 2013 semester. Zuleikha is auditing several of our TESL/Linguistics courses looking for ideas she could implement at her home institution in Osh State University.

Welcome to the Spring 2013 Semester!
Please check back soon for news and events.

2012 End of Semester Party
Many thanks to Joel Hardman for hosting the Fall 2012 end of semester party!

Faculty Research
More news featuring
Kristine Hildebrandt's research on endangered languages. Read the full story here.

Alumni News
TESL M.A. graduate Joshua Yardley is now an English Language Fellow with the US State Department and Georgetown University. He is working in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, for the provincial government of Aceh on a scholarship program designed to prepare Indonesians to take TOEFL, iBT and GRE so they may enter American universities. In addition to planning and administering these courses, he is providing teacher workshops at local universities and at private schools. Josh will also be giving guest lectures and presenting at the national TEFL conference in Indonesia.

Lovejoy Library Open House featuring 3D research
Wednesday, September 19, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Take this opportunity to visit the library and familiarize yourselves with its services and facilities. Read more here.

St. Louis Dialects
St Louis Magazine writes about the work of Larry LaFond, Kristine Hildebrandt and the student volunteers in the Illinois Dialects Project which is now branching into St. Louis. Read the full article here.

Funding for Graduate Students
The Graduate School offers Research Grants for graduate students. The deadline this fall is Monday, October 1. You can read more about these grants here. Note that the Graduate School will hold workshops on September 5 and 6 to help you prepare submissions for those grants. Feel free to also talk to the TESL/Ling faculty for help on your proposals.

Faculty Research
LING/TESL faculty member Nikolay Slavkov will be presenting work on bilingual child language acquisition and heritage language maintenance at the 31st Second Language Research Forum (SLRF 2012) in Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 18-21.

Get to know the SIUE faculty
The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) publishes weekly articles focused on faculty projects and achievements. Make sure you check out This Week in CAS regularly. The Graduate School also publishes a Research and Creative Activities Magazine that highlights various exciting faculty projects.

Ling/TESL Faculty Research
Did you know that Ling/TESL faculty member Kristine Hildebrandt was recently awarded a Career Grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to document endangered languages in Nepal? Check out This Week in CAS for information on her work in Nepal over the summer and for more details about the project.

Welcome to the Fall 2012 semester!
Our first social and orientation event will be on Monday, August 27, 5-6pm, Peck Hall, room 3315. Come grab some goodies to eat, meet the incoming students and catch up with your profs whom you've missed so much over the summer!

TESL/Ling PartySpring 2012
Many thanks to Seran Aktuna for hosting the Ling/TESL party this year! Enjoy summer!

TESL Alumni news
More news from M.A. alumnus Joshua Yardley: he has just been offered a fellowship by the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta for an EL project in Indonesia

Upcoming Thesis Defenses:
TESL MA Candidate Luciene Souza Farias will defend her thesis on April 16 at 9:30am (Peck Hall 2304)
Thesis title: 'Gem' or 'Jam'? - Perception and Production of American English Vowel Contrasts by Brazilian Portuguese ESL Speakers

TESL MA Candidate Luciene Jenna Tucker will defend her thesis on April 18 at 3:45pm (Peck Hall 2409).

Thesis title: "'Welcome to English Class?': The Perceptions and Functions of Intonation in the ESL Classroom"

Global Awareness Week (March 26-30)
Various events related to multilingualism, multiculturalism, TESL and more. Check out the schedule of events here.

Research Grants for Graduate Students
TESL M.A. candidate Kola Olatubosun received a Research Grant (RGGS) from the Graduate School. Congratulations Kola!

Faculty Research
Seran Aktuna and Joel Harman have a chapter in a new book on teaching English as an international language; Joel Hardman will be presenting a paper co-authored with Seran Aktuna at the 5th English as a Lingua Franca conference in Instnbul, Turkey.

CAS Colloquium and Graduate Symposium
TESL / Linguistics faculty and students present at the 2012 CAS Colloquium (March 27-28) and the Graduate Symposium. Read the program, abstracts and other details about the Colloquium here and about the Symposium here. Looking forward to seeing you at these events!

Alumni News
TESL M.A. alumnus Joshua Yardley now works as a CELTA teacher trainer. He has also helped design an intensive teacher training program called the International Diploma of English Language Teaching (IDELT). Over the last year Josh has trained some 150 new teachers! Read more.

English Department Student Essay Contests
TESL M.A. candidate Laura Wehmer-Callahan has won the Outstanding English Student Award. Congratulations! Other English contests.

Visitors at the English Department
Ruzanna Antonyan from Armenia is visiting our department as a Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP) fellow during the Spring 2012 semester. Ruzanna is auditing several of our TESL/Linguistics courses looking for ideas she could implement at her home institution in Armenia.

Another international visitor at the department this semester is Asier Salvadores Tascón from Spain. Asier is pursuing an MA in TESL at the University of Lleida and will spend several weeks observing classes at SIUE and visiting ESL and Spanish language classrooms at middle and high schools in the area. Asier is writing an MA thesis focusing on the use of literature in the teaching of English as a foreign language.

TESL MA student presenting at a conference
Jenna Tucker has been accepted to the Graduate Student Forum at the TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo. She's got funding from the English Department, CAS and the Graduate School for her trip. Good job Jenna!

Do YOU have a paper that you may want to submit to a conference? Contact one of the TESL/Linguistics professors to get tips about the application process and funding opportunities.

Who is my advisor?
TESL MA and Certifcate students with last names beginning A-H, your advisor is Joel Hardman
TESL MA and Certifcate students with last names beginning I-P, your advisor is Nikolay Slavkov
TESL MA and Certifcate students with last names beginning Q-Z, your advisor is Seran Dogancay-Aktuna
All linguistic minors, your advisor is Kristine Hildebrandt

Calling all Alumni!
If you are a graduate of our TESL or linguistics programs and have not kept in contact with us, we'd love to hear how you are doing. Take the time to send us a little information about your current adventures.

Linguistic News Clips in the Media:
Science Friday on NPR: Decoding speech from neural activity. Read more about this cool research. Listen to the audio. (3 February 2012)

Looking for more information?
Be sure to check out the conference, graduate school, and job notices posted on the TESL/Linguistics bulletin board outside of Peck Hall 2221. For details on being added to our program LISTSERV, contact Dr. Joel Hardman


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