C A R E E R S   a n d   t h e   E N G L I S H  M A J O R

The "Careers and the English Major" section of this website was created by Prof. Rebecca Walsh.

An English major offers students the preparation they need for becoming high school English teachers, for securing a graduate degree in English necessary for teaching at the College or University level, and for the field of publishing. But a major in English is not limited to just these career opportunities. It can do much more than that.

If you want to prepare yourself for a rich array of career options and career paths, English can get you there.

Many employers and businesses are increasingly recognizing the value of what an English major can bring to a company. From management consulting firms to foundations supporting the arts, employers find valuable the strong analytical and diagnostic skills, clear and persuasive oral and written forms of communication, and generally flexible, expansive thinking that a major in English fosters. At the same time, an English major can serve as an excellent background for law school, graduate school in English, and various other humanities disciplines. In fact, an English major, when combined with other areas of study, can support careers in medicine, business, public or educational policy studies, and the like quite productively. Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville English majors can choose from a variety of sub-fields through which they can pursue a particular focus: linguistics, writing, English education, creative writing, and literary studies.

Follow the links below to explore what an English major can do for you:

Career skills an English major fosters
Career options, both direct and indirect
Applying for jobs, and job advertisement databases
Professional publishing organizations
Pursuing graduate school in English
Additional links

In addition, check out the "For English Majors" blog by Susan de la Vergne, devoted to discussion of the career (and life) implications of earning an English degree, and how it might apply in ways you, and potential employers, may not have considered. This blog is run by Susan de la Vergne, who also runs "The Liberal Arts Advantage — for Business" blog.

Be sure to check out the SIUE Career Development Center for up-to-the-minute info on job information, career fairs, job-search help, related links, and more.

And for something of an eye-opener, check out this, from the folks in the English Dept. at Mississippi State: "Who Would Major in English?"

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