C A R E E R S   a n d   t h e   E N G L I S H  M A J O R


These websites can introduce you to fields you may not have considered or have not known about, they highlight recent trends in that particular field, and sometimes they also contain job postings that can indicate what possibilities are out there and what employers are looking for.

American Association of University Presses

Association of American Publishers

Association of Authors and Publishers

Association of Directory Publishers

Authorlink: Information Services for Writers, Editors, Literary Agents and Publishers

Open Directory's Board Game Designers and Publishers Page

BookBuilders West: Industry Resources

Broadcasters: Index of Internet Resources

Business.com's Book Publishers Guide

Children's Publishers On The Internet [U Calgary]

City and Regional Magazine Publishers

Creative Freelancers

Directory of Publishers and Vendors [Vanderbilt U]

Educational Paperback Association

International Publishers Association

Investigative Reporters & Editors [U Missouri School of Journalism]

Magazine Publishers of America

Media Week

National Newspaper Publishing Association

National Writers Union

Publishers Weekly

Selected Publishers (index of sites)

Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network

Small Publishers Association of North America

Information compiled in part from English Career Services @ U North Carolina - Wilmington.

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