Supplemental Materials

What We Just Couldn't Fit Into the Print Version

Laura Dempsey - Huntington's
Andy Doty - Oceanus
Gabriel Hahn - My Father's Hands
Nate Jones - Reoccurring Theme
Jarrett Kaufman - The Sword
Tracy Leezy - Grandma's House
Rob Love - First of Many
Heath Luster - everything beautiful and meaningless
Meghan Norris - Little Red Dying Hood
Robert Rohe - Like Father, Like Son
Brad Walker - Graceland
Jessi Wilson - Finding a Voice of One's Own
                   - Passing By
Karen Wood - Poems in a Drawer

Additional Contributors Notes

Contest Winners

William Carlin Slattery Memorial Award

Cassandra Howard - The cat visits my bed and I think of the changing weather
                             - The Drunk
                             - Harvest
                             - Breaking Bread

Mimi Zanger Memorial Award

Katherine Davis - The Beauty Dreamt (found in the print version)