Contributor’s Notes

Andy Doty came to SIUE in the fall of 2005 to study philosophy and psychology. However, his plans changed in late 2006 when he discovered a passion for the English language. He now studies English with a concentration on creative writing, often writing on historical topics.

Tracy Leezy is an English major pursuing her Bachelor of Science and Teacher's Certificate for Secondary Education. She writes, “I am addicted to Starbucks Grande Non-fat Toffeenut Lattes with no whip and Marlboro Lights cigarettes. My lucky socks are green with turtles on them. As I sit here typing and watching reruns of Dharma and Greg, there are exactly 14 other things I should be doing. I can be contacted via email at, through MySpace at, or by Bat Signal after 7 p.m. I can't see it before then, so if anyone needs to contact me by day, the other avenues I have listed would be preferred.”

Meghan Norris is originally from Springfield, IL, and is currently majoring in English Education. In addition to writing, Meghan enjoys chocolate, going to concerts, and pilfering flowers from local parks. She would like to thank her friends and family for their continued support.

Brad Walker graduated from SIUE with a BS in Political Science and a minor in History in 1988. He is again attending SIUE part time with a minor in Creative Writing and a Major in English, although he is seriously considering switching over to Art. He is a Food Service Administrator I, managing the three venues at Cougar Den, and has been employed at SIUE for the past five years. His wife and son attend SIUE and his daughter attends Edwardsville High. He is retired from the Missouri Air National Guard and has spent most of his life in various occupations, including auto mechanic, restaurant manager and radio DJ/Production Director.

Karen Wood is a senior at SIUE. She will graduate with a B.A. in English and a creative writing minor. She would like to thank her husband, Bennett, for all of his help.