Stereoscope by Janella Moy

Peering through the lenses,
metal frame pushed against
my face, I stare, blink, close
my right eye then my left,
trying to visualize the image
floating before me. Extended
from the nosepiece of these
miraculous glasses, approximately
four inches from my eyes,
is a miniature frame
where black and white photos
side by side
are propped to reveal
in duplicate,
(as if once weren’t enough)
Frankfurt in ruins,
buildings demolished in
Oh… much too realistic 3 dimensions.

These are the pictures my father
brought back from Deutschland.
The twisted images,
trapped in his stereoscopic vision,
that taunted him to return
to a city, once stone rubble and metal ruin.
Stepping from the train
Father sees, at last, the emerald Main,
verdant landscapes,
towering cathedrals with resplendent
arched windows of pigmented glass,
and glowing German faces.

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