Grammar by Lorien Carsey

1. Person

especially working there that
she didn't temporarily know anyone's
name, her personal approach on the clock, a man at the
bar, a customer
the customer,
for a treat, the bartender
wished she wasn't the kind
of person who could ask.

2. Place

plainly precious
and prized yet disabled to
in front of certain teachers
consume food, another mannerism
smirking the way a woman
dancing for tuition invites
recognition from the audience
at the deepest layer they can endure
of her complete but partitioned conference
with his aroused avoidance
of her auto-mythology
touching him "with more gentleness than you kiss your money,
you count your ass."

3. Thing

I cannot be certain
at what you spotted
when you threw your eyes
to what a moment ago
I passionately pointed.

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