Table of Contents

Rival by Alex Eichen
Dinner by Alex Eichen
Somnolence by Alex Eichen
Padiddle by Alexander Eichen
Christ by Alexander Eichen
White Moth by Alexander Eichen
Untitled by Lorien Carsey
Grammar by Lorien Carsey
The Terth by Andrew Garces
Sanibel Shore by Rachel Garlinghouse   [image]
Teepee by Rachel Garlinghouse   [image]
Sanibel Shells by Rachel Garlinghouse   [image]
A Prayer, in Winter by Justin P.H Dixon
Salsa-Chip Kisses by Corey Porter
Lace by Amy Broadway   [image]
Zulu by Amy Broadway   [image]
Isicathamiya by Amy Broadway   [image]
Outside The Clinic by Cassandra Howard
Meditation on a Process by Cassandra Howard
Introduction by Cassandra Howard
Without Title by Jamie M. Nelson
Indiana Summer by Margo Dean
Zimbabwe Atlas by Margo Dean
Tarnished Crown by Margo Dean
Stone from Sinkiang by Michael Toje
Another Perfect Date by Katrina Wharton
Wash Day by Katrina Wharton
Beautiful Feet by Katrina Wharton
A Fire’s Wake by Katrina Wharton
The Boy behind the Window by Joan Reeves
The Shed by Alice Langston
The Forbidden by Alice Langston
Pluto by Justin Smith
“I had to kill myself to write this story.” by joe aaron
Madonna by joe aaron
Stereoscope by Janella Moy
Dominant Trait by Janella Moy
One Soldier’s War by Rebecca Burns
First Time by Angee Ferris
Mount Evans by Brad Walker
The Last Night by Jennifer Ratliff
Laundromat by Lucas Spriggs
Beast of Burden by Lucas Spriggs
The Bluebird’s Song by Brittany Miller
The Best of Us by Jennifer Scoggins